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Nutie Donuts have Opened a Cafe in Sydney

Apparently it’s been open for a while now. However, I had only just discovered that my favourite donut brand Nutie have finally opened up a cafe.

And they aren’t just serving donuts either.

From delicious millet porridge to vegan style eggs on gluten-free bread with vegan hollandaise sauce – so delicious.

Oh and of course, let’s not forget about their donuts, which as far as I’m concerned are simply the best donuts ever created, which are vegan and gluten-free YUM!

Nutie Donuts, well known in Sydney for their slogan We Are Nutie, have been around for more than a few years now, starting out at markets, then appearing I. cafes across the city and now their very own cafes in Surry Hills and Balmain.

Previously it was more than a little difficult to get these donuts. Well, it was for me anyways. Especially because I live out west and not in the city.

So, unless I came across them at any markets or fluked a cafe selling them when I was in the city, there was little chance of me enjoying the odd donut here or there.

Thankfully now, I can enjoy them anytime I want really, and so can anyone for that matter.

I know what you’re thinking, wow! This girl really gets excited about donuts. Well, yes, I do. You see, I’ve always loved donuts (I mean who does t really), since I was a little. So, when I found out out I had a low tolerance to gluten, I was completely disheartened I wouldn’t be able to ever eat a donut again.

Until I tasted a Nutie Donut for the first time around three years ago and suddenly everything was right in the world again.

If you’re in Sydney, do make sure you go check them out. Whether it’s for sweet or savoury, their cafe are cute, full of happiness and joy, with a menu to boot.

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