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Snorkelling at Bushrangers Bay in Shellharbour

Who would have thought there was a spectacular Aquatic Reserve only one and half hours south of Sydney.

I was given the amazing opportunity to go snorkeling at Bushrangers Bay in the Bass Point Reserve of Shellharbour and I was amazed at the amount of incredible marine life animals I saw there.

From sting rays to grey nurse sharks, there was a secret hidden world of marine life under the water, all waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

Australian Dive Master Mick Harris, who owns and runs the Shellharbour Scuba Centre provides a real personalised experience for both snorkelling and diving in in the South Coast.

He knows all the secret locations for experiencing some of the best diving and snorkeling the south coast has to offer. His extensive knowledge of both the area and in diving provides one of the best experiences there is when it comes to marine activities. He is definitely worth looking up when in town, to book yourself an incredible adventure.

The weather was a little wild the day I went, so the water was rough and the wind was cold, but it just added to the whole experience and made for a spectacular afternoon of watching sting rays stir up the sands and grey nurse sharks scouring through the seaweed for foods.

Beautifully coloured fish were dotted through the water and swayed through the kelp. Exploring the wonderful marine life under the water truly is like visiting an entirely different planet.

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