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The Benefits of Crystals in Your Beauty

Crystal-infused beauty is more popular then ever and here’s why you should adopt it into your skincare.

Holistic beauty has really taken off, and if you follow my blog regularly, then you would have seen my post from last week where I chatted about the research I have been doing on the benefits of using crystals in your skincare and beauty routine.

Though more research is more warranted on the topic and I have thoughrly enjoyed looking into the basic concept of using crystals in your beauty routine, there’s no denying in most countries, especially Asia, the use of crystals in your skincare is a must. Jade rollers are a perfect example of that.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should jump right onto the bandwagon of using crystals in your skincare, as a lot of the research regarding the use of crystals, also comes with a lot of warning labels too. With some stating there are some terrible side effects which can occur from using too many crystals, especially if you opt to digest it.

And yes, as strange as that sounds, there are people who do ingest powdered crystals thinking they will get some sort of magical benefit from it. This is definitely not recommended when the warning labels of side effects can be anywhere from constant vomiting to headaches and inflammation. No thanks.

So let’s just focus on the idea of using crystals in your skincare.

Crystals have a long history with our ancient ancestors, who used crystals for healing and even to charge in the sunlight during the day to then illuminate at night; kind of like an ancient torch of sorts.

With the mystery of crystals shrouded in both scientific evidence and some mysticism; the scientific evidence being that crystals have been known to charge small electronic devices, there’s no denying if our ancestors were using them, perhaps we should be too.

With nearly everything in nature having both an electromagnetic field and a vibration field being generated from it, even the human body, it makes sense that the same vibrational and electromagnetic fields we generate in the body would work with that which is generated from crystal energies. Wow that was a real mouthful. I hope it makes sense.

For the skin, the body and the mind, the electromagnetic energy from a crystal can transmit to balance, heal and energise the skin as well as promote healing of the mind and body too.

I’ve sourced a variety of different skincare product, all of which have infused specific crystals in their range to help you achieve beautiful skin. However, thanks to COVID-19 there have been some major delays in receiving those products so I can write about them (hence why there was no beauty story last Friday – sorry).

Hopefully they will all arrive this week and I will be able to write more about the concept of crystal beauty this Friday. I am super keen to trial them out and see how they work on my skin.

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