Who Am I?

I am a freelance writer, content creator, website designer and editor, and social media manager.

I specialise in helping small businesses with small budgets create great websites, content and social media content for their brand.

And in my spare time (when I can find some that is – you feel me right?) I like to jot down a few things here to share with you – the world, on my wellbeing journey, life journey and then some.

Rebecca Wilkinson
Rebecca Wilkinson

I have a background in WordPress and WIX website designs, SEO and keyword strategies, EDM newsletters and campaigns with Mailerlite and Mailchimp, and have worked with a variety of online publications writing and creating content on beauty, lifestyle, travel, fitness and health.

For the last 7 years, I have worked with a variety of brands, small businesses, and online publications creating quality content for their website using my skills as a writer and a social media coordinator, helping small businesses rebrand their websites on WordPress and WIX and refresh they branding on social media.

I am a casual beauty editor and writer for online publication Bondi Beauty, and write the occasional travel piece for the boutique online travel publication Renae’s World. Writing for these two publications has provided me with an amazing opportunity to attend regular beauty and fitness events, and write about a variety of topics I love; travel, beauty and health.

Rebecca Wilkinson

I live and breath writing, and have done since I was very young. I recently completed my degree in journalism with Griffith University, and I am now seeking to develop a full-time business and career in being freelance as a content creator and website designer for small businesses – not limited to just Sydney where I live.

Most of the clients I do work for are either too stressed, too tired or have little to no time to manage their website, let alone a social media account. this is where I come in.

I can work with your business to help develop a strong online presence, boosting SEO on internet searches and working to deliver your message and core believes behind your business online. 

Click here to view my work portfolio and projects I have worked on.

Rebecca Wilkinson
Rebecca Wilkinson

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