Terms and Conditions

Please ensure you read the following terms and conditions below carefully.

Terms & Conditions for Sponsored Posts:

  • The below terms and conditions are non-negotiable under any circumstances. Feel free to contact me at rlwilkinson@hotmail.com if you are unsure of have any issues with the following terms and conditions.
  • Any content you submit must be relevant to our brand. If it is not, it will not be published.
  • Relevant content is anything in the space of wellbeing, beauty and travel.
  • Ideally send a story pitch to me, which includes the title and details of what the story will be about. If I accept the story pitch, you must pay the invoice in full before the story is published.
  • Once we have agreed on whether you will provide the story to us, or we shall write the story for you, financial agreement can then be made for the agreed rate for the story.
  • Our rates are all calculated based on the running costs of the brand and are non-negotiable.
  • Please note, we have full rights after review of the story, if we determine the story is not of the high standard we deliver for our brand and to our audience, your story may be rejected, or we will offer to have one of our expert writers write the story for you for a higher rate.
  • If your originally pitched story is accepted, once payment has been made in full, we will work on the story for editing, scheduling and publishing.
  • Payment must be made in full before any stories are edited then published on our site.
  • We have full editorial rights on all content including editing and replacing of any imagery provided by you or not.
  • We have the right to change and edit any and all headings and subtitles, as well as content and any other adjustments required in the body of the story, to ensure the story is on brand with our publication. This includes the anchor text.
  • If we determine the anchor text is not workable with the story or readable to the audience, this will be subject to change.
  • If we determine an anchor text is considered target marketing; meaning, we find the link is in reference to a shop now, or buy now direction, all stories for target marketing must be re-reviewed, to determine if the story will still work, or another story title and concept must be chosen to work with the anchor text.
  • The word count of all stories is up to the discretion of Bondi Beauty unless otherwise agreed on writing before article publication.
  • For legal reasons, we do not send out any edited version of stories to the client before publication, under any circumstances.
  • If the content and/or links you submit to us after payment do not fit our branding, and/or are in related to gambling, the sex industry, your article will no be published and a refund will NOT be provided.
  • We will consider a credit however, so you can submit a new story and link to us for publication.
  • Please allow a minimum of two full weeks after payment has been received for your story to be published.
  • Once the story has been published, we will notify you via email and send a link
  • Changes will not be made to any published content unless we have made an error.
  • Should you have any queries regarding the above terms and conditions, please feel free to reach out to a member of our team at rlwilkinson@hotmail.com
  • Please note, the above is also relevant for any paid links to be included into existing stories. All links must first be paid for up front, and as soon as payment has been made, we will add the link into the story and send across an updated live link to you.
  • All stories both new and old are refreshed online using google indexing to ensure maximum exposure of a story.
  • All stories include SEO, and will also be shared across our social channels for additional exposure to our audience.

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