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Rebecca Wilkinson

What is My Life Journal

My Life Journal is a Mindful Journey of Life, Beauty and Travel, providing advice from both myself and varying professionals in the field of yoga and health, and sharing my latest recipe faves, DIY hacks, beauty and travel.

Much like the changing of the leaves in Autumn, so is the ever changing cycle of life. After running Travel Bug Official for more then five years, it was time to take a new direction, switching up the content to reflect who I am today, what I love today and life in general today.

Welcome to the newly rebrand of My Life Journal.

Rebecca Wilkinson

About the Founder:

My name is Rebecca Wilkinson, and I am the founder of My Life Journal (previously Travel Bug Official), who works for herself as a freelance content creator.

What once started out as a humble blog, sharing my travel stories from adventures both overseas and in my home country of Australia, my story has evolved from a travel obsessed junkie to a mindful journey of life, love, happiness, beauty and travel. With most travel being local rather than overseas.

Last year when the pandemic first began, travel both domestically and internationally came to a halt for Australians. Though, at the time, many of us still had some freedoms to move around our city and outer regions, exploring more of my hometown than ever before, the idea of travelling overseas or to other states turned from reality to a dream in an instant.

With this, came new ideas, new life journeys and a switch of content from heavy travel content to more mindful stories of health, beauty and life. This lead me to the slow transition of changing this once dedicated travel blog, to more of a lifestyle blog.

Rebecca Wilkinson

All content is created by me and is original. Though from time to time, I do get paid to write content for a variety of brands wishing for a little more exposure online (which will always be advertised as so). Otherwise, everything in this blog is designed to bring you along on my mindful journey of life, beauty and travel.

If you wish for me to write about any of your products or services, feel free to reach out to me via email at: rlwilkinson@hotmail.com

You can also contact me directly using the contact form below. I look forward to hearing from you.

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