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Exploring an Abandoned Quarry at Bombo Beach

Have you ever heard of Bombo Quarry? It’s located near Kiama, around an hour and half south of Sydney.

Sitting quietly on the southern coastline of NSW is an abandoned quarry called Bombo. With nothing but the sounds of the waves and the birds signing, it’s the most majestic place to visit and explore.

Bombo Headland Quarry Geological Site is a heritage-listed former quarry and now geological site at Princes Highway, Bombo. Also known as Bombo Quarry, it’s where all the birds go to sing and dance, and where the sounds of the wild sea can be heard crashing against the tall rocks along the cliffs of the this now abandoned quarry.

I’ve been to Kiama so many times and not once had I ever heard of Bombo Quarry. Until I had my regular fortnightly c heck up with may Chiro and he told me about a an incredible place he visited over the Christmas break, where you can take unlimited photos and enjoy a heritage walk alongside the ocean.

Once a quarry owned by Bowral, the now heritage listed and abandoned quarry is not closed to the public (for once NSW got it right) and you are welcome to take a stroll, explore, go fishing and explore. Just don’t go swimming. The water is rough (even on a clear and calm day) and the waves crashing against the rock are scary enough to keep anyone from lingering too close to the edge.

If you plan to make a visit there, make sure to pack the right gear, unlike us, We were were unprepared. I had no idea you could go close to the water, climb the rocks and explore the entire quarry. So, we had no hats, no water and not the most sensible of shoes for walking on rocks. But we managed and spent a spectacular few hours exploring the entire quarry.

I did have sunscreen on, so that was something at least.

There is no time limit to exploring the whole quarry, it’s up to the explorer (being you) and what you plan to do there. We left no stone unturned and walked every path possible. Oh except for one, which took you to the top of the cliffs, way way up above. That was one hell of a walk and we were absolutely not equiped for that portion of exploration in the Quarry. But I can image the views at that high point, would be absolutely amazing.

So, we stayed low by the water and explored the cliff’s edge. Watched crabs east at moss growing on the sides of rocks. Watched waves smash up against the rocks, creating a soft silvery spray of sea water, which was cooling on the skin on a very hot day.

Bombo Quarry is not hard to find. As the location is heritage listed, it is noted in the maps app (or google app – depending what you use). So, a simple search in maps of Bombo Quarry and it will direct you straight there.

Apart from ensuring you pack the right gear (like water) if you plan on spending a few hours there to take photographs, my only recommendation is, eat before you go at one of the local cafes, as most will be closed by the time you leave. And if you plan your day right, try and get there at around 3 or 4pm in the afternoon. I hear the sunset there is fairly spectacular, as the sun setting behind the mountains catches the incredible colours of the rocks in the quarry, making for even more stunning photos, from day to night time.

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