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Where to Eat In Camden

These are my favourite cafes to eat at in Camden.

Food – we all love it. I know I do. And visiting rural country and coastal towns is one of my favourite things to do when searching for good food. And I love to eat in Camden, where there is an abundance of healthy fresh local produce being served at same great cafes.

And I can’t forget to mention coffee too. Which plays an important vital road for any road trip to a country or coastal town. If the coffee ain’t good, I ain’t interested. As a good cafe will always have a good barista on hand.

Being gluten-free, the most challenging part of eating out is finding a cafe which has a menu supporting gluten-free. Vegan – sure. Vegetarian – no problem. But gluten-free, it can be really difficult to find a cafe or restaurant which has eating options for you.

I’ve always said, it’s far easier to be vegan or vegetarian, that it is gluten-free.

I’m not sure if it’s because people are unfamiliar with gluten-free or cafes are concerned with what they can serve on menus for gluten-free option. It just seems when the mention of gluten-free is made, there is not much understanding of what exactly that means.

Of course, this post is nothing to do with the education of gluten and what it’s like to be gluten-free. Perhaps I can save that for another day. This post is about where to eat in Camden, and my fave places to mention, which dog provide menu items, which are gluten-free.

I just think it’s important to note, that we are rather limited when road tripping, as not a lot of people understand what it is, so they don’t serve anything to help you deal with it.

Camden has come a long way with their food. It seemed like only 4 years ago, I was travelling through there on a Sunday with friends, and I we were struggling to find a cafe open. And one which had items that were gluten-free. I remember there only being one cafe open at the time, and it was very busy. But they did have gluten-free bread, which was amazing. Nothing else in the area was open, except for a few take-away shops (my pet hate mind you), serving greasy food and no good coffee.

Apologies to anyone who actually runs a take-away shop – I know you aren’t all bad, and you do make some fantastic salads for sure. But to sit down and eat, and enjoy a good coffee on a Sunday – sorry, but you just don’t deliver what I need.

Anyways I digress. A lot has changed since then, and over the last year or so, I have spent rather a lot of time travelling around the area of Camden. Watching it evolve into a hub of boutique shops, restaurants and cafes, has been really rewarding to witness.

What was once a sleepy rural town, the weekends are now filled with locals, weekenders, and plenty of options to wine and dine, chill and drink good coffee, and enjoy a good feed as well. With most cafes and restaurants, now exploring a brilliant range of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free too. Don’t worry, they all serve meat as well.

With all that being said, here are my top choices for the Camden area, where you can enjoy good coffee, or a delicious pasta with wine, if you are there at night, and plenty of great food for any dietary requirement.

The Fat Cat – 8/180-186 Argyle Street, Camden Park:

This is a cafe by night and a restaurant by night. This is a super cosy place to eat, especially this time of the year, when the weather is crips and cool (or even freezing at times LOL). I love the ambience at night, and there pizza is absolutely delicious. They are also open for breakfast, early too, which is always a plus.

Back Galley Cafe – 108 Argyle Street, Camden, Camden:

This is my favourite breakfast haunt, as they have an extensive gluten-free menu and delicious protein inspired vegan and gluten-0free pancakes, which are absolutely delicious. The staff here are friendly and quick with service and responses. The owner is Irish (I think) and may have been a flight attendant, as there is loads of aircraft memorabilia such as an old food trolley from a plane which houses the menus – hence the name I suspect.

Dirty Bird – 190 Argyle Street, Camden:

Burgers and beers, if that’s your thing, then this is where you want to go to eat. Tough they don’t offer much gluten-free here, they do have a really good selection of burgers, so worth the mention. It’s a ver casual setting though, and easy to access at lunch. As the place really draws a crowd later in the day, especially at night. Their chicken wings are great though, and there’s no gluten in the dressing and sauce.

Squeeze & Grind – 180 Argyle Street, Camden:

I love the breakfast here, they have an extensive menu, and gluten-free options too. The setting is also very pretty here, with hanging pots of plants (though made from plastic) creating ma soft ambient atmosphere, shrouded in green foliage and a happy, active vibe from all the customers and staff. Lunch goes off here, as people gather for a nice glass of wine with lunch.

Cobbitty Bakehouse – 300 Cobbitty Road, Cobbitty:

Okay, so this cafe is not exactly in Camden, but it’s only 11 minutes away and easy to get too. I had to make a mention of this beautiful cafe, as the location is perfect and the menu has a wide selection of gluten-free items, even burgers. Which is incredible, as it’s so hard to find good burghers, which are gluten-free. Though you do have to be mindful of what they put in the burger, I think they are new to the concept of gluten-free. For example, the gluten-free bun for the Chicken Schnitzel burger is crumbed.

Note: Though some images were taken by myself, for advertorial purposes, some images are from the cafe websites. However, this post is not sponsored by anyone mentioned above. These are just my fave choices of places to eat around Camden.

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