DIY Christmas Wreath for Under $20

Making your very own personalised Christmas Wreath has never been easier. I made mine for under $20. Now it’s your turn.

I’ve always been a massive fan of making my own Christmas decorations, from a very young age. Whether that was making wreaths, baubles for the tree, or garland to decorate the fireplace; when we had one that was.

So, I decided to go on a mission, to create a wreath to match any person’s budget. This one cost me exactly $16 to make (I mean WOW). I feel like every year, it gets easier and easier to make your own decorations and for such an affordable price also.

Of course, I understand inspirations on what to create or how to create is always the hard part for many people. Especially if you feel like you don’t have creative bones in your body. But, have you heard of Pinterest? If you haven’t jumped onto the Pinterest bandwagon yet, then you need to. Pinterest has loads of inspirational DIY home decor ideas, where you either copy the ones you find, or use them as inspiration to spark your own creation.

And, no, they aren’t all about making Christmas decor either. There are loads of everyday inspirational ideas to copy for all different times of the year.

If you haven’t signed up to Pintrest already and want to get started on creating your own DIY home decor items, you need to sign up ASAP. In the meantime however, I have made a super easy Christmas Wreath for you to copy. Just apply your own colour scheme and concept and presto, you will have a personalised wreath in just under an hour (because it literally only takes 30 minutes – 40 max, to make).

For my wreath I wanted to create something a little organic and classic, so no greenery. I found a cute twig weaved wreath dusted in silver glitter at Kmart for $7 and then sourced some fake red berries (also dusted with silver glitter), some metal string lights, Christmas bells and ribbon.

The crafty items I found in a local Sydney-based cheapy shop called Ronis – which is kind of similiar to the Pound Shop in the UK. However, not everything is under $2, but still cheap enough to budget for crafty ideas.

Note: for the ribbon, make sure you have enough to wrap around the wreath and some extra to tie a big festive bow at the end. For insurance, I’d buy two rolls if you can.

The first stage of making your wreath is wrapping the ribbon around it. This doesn’t have to be too even, but I always start at the bottom of the wreath and make sure to leave enough excess, where I will be able to tie the two ends together, once they meet back up at the bottom.

Then you want to attach your strong lights. I don’t often like the blue white lights at Christmas, however, the warm white ones were all sold. But, seeing as silver is the theme of my wreath, I didn’t mind the blue tone of the lights once it was finished.

You don’t have to use wire-based lights either, I just prefer them as you can manipulate them better than plastic-based one.

Start by attaching the battery-pack part of the lights to the back of the wreath. But make sure you can still access the switch to turn them on and off. Don’t stress too much if you end up covering the panel to remove and replace batteries. Because once the wreath is finished, you actually cut the strong holding the battery pack and the lights will stay on the wreath.

Wrap the lights around the wreath any which way you like. I kept mine in line with the ribbon, but you can do wrap the other way for a different look and texture if you like. There are no bounds to your creativity here.


For attaching the berries, I used wire cutter to remove them from the main wire stem, as the stem on mine was WAY to big for me to try and insert into the tightly woven wreath. However, if you want to use some hot glue, you can always keep them on the stem and then glue them on. Just make sure to leave enough time for them to properly stick to the wreath before going to the next step. To ensure it will stay on the wreath and now fall off in a breeze.

I also opted to keep with the flow of the circle of the wreath with my berries, but you can really do what you want. Maybe even weave them into the entire wreath, converting it into a berry wreath – now that would be something.

Now it’s time to add any additional decorations you have to the bottom of the wreath. I found cute little bells on a star, which matched the colour scheme of everything I has chosen to decorate my wreath. But you could really use anything; or nothing here. Maybe some swinging Santa’s or Reindeer. Or maybe hang some more berries – whatever them you go for, here’s where you attach it. I used strong to attach mine here.

Time to tie a nice pretty bow. Again, if you’re not into your bows and want to put something else here, here’s where you would do it. I like a good festive bow. So, I used the remainder ribbon I had; which was used to wrap around the wreath, to tie a nice big Christmas bow.

Viola – done. How easy is that. Now you have one unique, personalised Christmas Wreath. And all under $20.

Of course if you want to spend a little more, Spotlight (if you live in Australia that is) have some beautiful wreaths and Christmas themed home decor items you can use to create a spectacular wreath. But, I think my under $20 is just as good as any wreath over $50 – what do you think.

I’d love to see any wreaths you have made – send me a pic.




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