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4 Places You Must Visit in the UK

Travelling to the UK? Here are four must-have places you must visit.

I could spend a year travelling around the UK. There are seriously so many things to see and do there. It’s hard not to fall in love with the place and its people, the atmosphere and of course all the great historical places to visit there.

These are my top four places, you should definitely make sure you visit there.

Glastonbury Tor:

What a magical place. Believed to be the final resting place of King Arthur himself and his wife Guinevere, Glastonbury has so many wonderful ancient places to explore, like their Tor which sits quietly on-top of a mountain, keeping watch over the town. No one really knows who built the original foundation of the Tor, only records show who continue to build on-top of it.

There is a certain kind of energy which flows through the Tor and across the mountain, and I have witnessed many an artists and writer make the long, steep hike to the top of the mountain where the Tor sits, to relax and channel their inner creativity, whilst enjoying the positive energy of this location.

Barrel Burning Festival:

This one is limited to November 5th; Bon Fire Night, which is a festival held across many different locations across the UK in memory of Guy Fawkes who attempted to blow up London’s parliament on November 5th 1605. However, in a small southern town, in the middle of nowhere, there is a town called Ottery St, Mary who have taken the festival one step further and created a Barrel Burning Festival.

This festival is pretty unsafe and as you drive into the town there are signs everyone warning visitors they are entering at their own risk. But, if you’re willing to go and see grown men (and some very young) carry burning barrels of tar on their backs, as they run through the town. You definitely need to plan a trip here on the 5th November.

Hadrian’s Wall:

Built by the Romans in AD122 (well that’s when constructed started), the wall was built by the Roman empire who occupied Britain at the time, to keep the north men out and prevent an invasion. By controlling all those in the south and all the Brits happy to have the Romans there and trade with them. Something the Saxtons of the North were never happy with.

So the Romans had to build the wall to protect their occupying assets in the UK. Foundations of the wall still stand today. And, where there are many parts of the wall have fallen, the parts which are left standing are a testament to how well the Romans built.


Otherwise known as Holy Island, Lindisfarne was where the Viking first invaded the UK, slaughtering the monks of the Abbey which was located on the island, a world away and separated by sea from the mainland. Access to the island can be difficult depending on the weather.

There is one road on and off and when the tide come in, the road disappears under the water. However, the trust of the island have an accurate tide timing schedule, allowing visiting to visit the island and stay for as long as they can, without getting stuck when the tide come in.


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