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Where to Eat in Picton – 4 of The Best Places

Picton is a great escape if you’re looking to get out of the city for a few hours. And they have some pretty fab places to eat at as well.

After spending a full day exploring the town of Picton; sight-seeing, exploring, walking and of course drinking and eating. I fell in love with four cafes/restaurants who were serving up some great dishes, brewing some of the best coffee I have had in a while and served all meals and drinks with a smile and a good chat.

I was incredibly surprised what Picton had to offer, and although I am only mentioning my top four, the streets are lined with so many great varieties, and I am sure they are all amazing.

Often by-passed by many travellers, Picton is a small boutique town, with great shops, great sites to visit explore and a variety of cafes and restaurants on offer serving good food and coffee. And, whether its their plan or not, the town is slowly developing into a smaller version of Bowral. With brilliant accommodation options in serene country settings and a wide-range of services on offer to make you day visit or mini getaway 100 per cent perfect.

Out of all the places available to eat and drink at, these were my favourite four:

The Common Cafe & Bakery Ground: (cafe/restaurant)

This was quite possibly the biggest surprise of all. The outside visade of this cafe is purely colonial and simply oozes with history just by looking at it. The original foundation of this cafe was built in 1849 and is called the Razorback Inn. Originally a pub and accommodation for weary travellers, this historical building has now been converted into a super cool cafe and bakery, with a great menu to match. Gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, all the mods of clean and healthy eating are available here. We happened across this cafe when leaving Picton and couldn’t resist a stop by. Stay tuned, as next week I will be publishing a blog dedicated to this cafe only (that’s how good it was).

The common ground bakery

Vaby’s Restaurant: (restaurant)

Okay, so truth be told. We didn’t eat here. Again, this was a chance discovery, as the sign said “The Old Cheese Factory.” We got very excited and expected to walk into, yep you guessed it, a cheese factory. But no, this is literally the OLD cheese factory; meaning no longer is one. The beautiful and historical sand stone foundation of this building have been perfectly restored with a function centre on the top floor and an underground restaurant in the old cheese cellar (storage). So, where all the cheese was once stored, you can now sit by the fire (if the weather is cold enough) and enjoy a delicious meal with a good glass.

Leaf & Bean Picton: (cafe)

The best place for breakfast. This cafe is located a little of the main road which runs through the town of Picton. Which is a nice change from sitting at a cafe on a main road and hearing all the noise from cars and pedestrians as they flow past. And believe me they do flow. Picton is a unsuspecting busy place. Their menu is affordable for any budget and their breakfast dishes are worthy of each dollar spent. They don’t stinge on the meals and you get a good serving. Oh and the coffee – the best. Perfectly brewed and well presented. And they have gluten-free and vegan options too.

where to eat in Picton

Guilty or Not: (cafe/gelato)

Okay, so I didn’t try the coffee or gelato here, I just had my photo taken there as they had decorated the cafe with some pretty cool Halloween decorations. But, when I saw the gelato – wow! If I hadn’t already eaten way too much, I mosty certainly would have tried it out. The flavours available were out of this world, with so many pretty colours and smells. And, although I didn’t try the coffee, the smell of it brewing told me they used a good quality bean. Not to mention the steady flow of customers ordering coffee; which is normally an indication of good coffee. All gelato is gluten-free and there are some vegan sorbets for all your non-dairy peeps too.

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