breakfast at Crest Birubi Beach
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Where to Eat in Port Stephens

It’s school holidays, and you know what that means? It’s time to pack up the kids and take them on a road trip.

Whether you’re planning on overnighting it somewhere or maybe working on a day trip to get out of Sydney for the day, Port Stephens is a beautiful spot to visit. Surrounded by white sandy beaches and lovely tropical like landscapes.

We recently took a trip to Port Stephens, to the region of Anna Bay specifically. If you’ve been following my blog, you would have seen my post from last weekend, where I shared my amazing experience with the family, riding camels at sunset across the sand dunes of Birubi Bay at Anna Bay in Port Stephens.

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It had been several years since I had been to Port Stephens. In fact the last time I went there was in 2014 – very long time ago. And I remember chatting to my partner about how quote and rundown most of the areas around within Port Stephens were.

From abandoned buildings, to little to nobody travelling through the local towns, it was a sorry site to sea, as I always had very fond memories of the area as a kid growing up, when we would take road trips there in the school holidays.

We felt at the time, the neglect and abandonment of the area was due to most people travelling overseas now, with cheaper packages for Aussies to get to many Asian locations, like Bali and Thailand, most families are happier to pack their bags and board a plane to another country.

The Cheeky Dog

If COVID has showed us anything, it’s the importance of local travel. Since our borders are closed in Australia. Meaning, no international travel. And some states are closed to travellers, like QLD, VIC and WA, us NSW peeps are left with travelling and exploring our own state. And in my opinion, there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Anna Bay was alive with so many people when we travelled there only a few weeks back, and busy AF (if you don’t mind me saying). In-fact, it was a good thing I had booked for all the places we were eating at, or we would have struggled for a table. Especially as we were a large travelling number of 10.

Though I was probably expected to book anyways due to the new COVID policies, I was so surprised and also happy to see how many people were travelling around the area.

We stayed at a caravan park, which was also a hotel, providing, self contained cabins and apartments. As we are a large number, we were in a large house with five bedrooms, kitchen , dining, outdoor area, bathroom and a lounge area with entertainment area also. Perfect for us for the weekend stay.

I will chat more about the accommodation and places to stay etc, in a blog next week.

breakfast at Crest Birubi Beach

The caravan park we stayed at was PACKED. It was so busy with people, kids in the swimming pool – even though the weather was that warm yet.

So many families had made the drive from Sydney (I could tell from their number plates on their vehicles) to stay for the weekend, or maybe even longer. And it was so good to see people back to exploring so many great locations in our beautiful state.

But I digress, as I am supposed to be chatting about the best places to eat whilst staying in Port Stephens. If you are looking for someone to go with the family, whether that be for a mid-week stay, weekend stay, or perhaps a day trip, this is the place you want to. There are so many beautiful places to visit there. Which I will share with you on Wednesday.

In the meantime, here are the best places to eat in Port Stephens, according to, well me LOL.

  1. Crest Birubi Beach – Breakfast and lunch
  2. The Cheeky Dog – Diner
  3. Sandpipers Restaurant – Lunch and dinner
  4. The Point Restaurant – Lunch and dinner
  5. Little Beach Boathouse – Dinner
  6. Evviva Cafe & Bar – Breakfast

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