how to revamp the home for every season

Create Yourself a Home for All Seasons

It’s not just your wardrobe which can benefit from a seasonal change, it’s your home as well.

If you’re feeling a little blah at home, then sprucing up some of your living spaces may be just what you need to soothe the soul and feel comfortable in your home again.

Though redecorating every six months is neither economical nor sustainable, you can still make small changes to each of your living space, in line with the different seasons, to help breath in fresh new life into your living spaces.

You’d be surprised how much a little change at home can help improve both your wellbeing and your state of mind.

In countries like Denmark and Finland, where the shift in climate and light is fairly extreme from one seasons to another, it is tradition for all households to swap furnishings according to the season. The Danish call it higgle (the art of cosiness).

Here are some simple tips and tricks to help you change your living spaces according to the season.

Pillows: Pillows are the ultimate way to change the look of any living space for any season. This may be for the living room, lounge room, bedroom or even your outdoor area. And you don’t have to spend too much money doing it either.

I always purchase pillow cases, rather than new pillows which come with inserts, to save myself some money. That way, you can easily change pillow cases according to different seasons, especially if it’s Christmas or Easter.

Bed Covers: This is another easy way to change the look of a room. You don’t need to spend big on new furnishing, when a bed spread will change the whole look of the space. I have a bed spread for each season. Including Christmas.

So every three months, my bedroom looks fresh and new with a bed spread to match the season. And it’s not expensive as may sound either, as there are loads of great Manchester warehouses where you can purchase new bedding for half the price.

Bathroom Towels: You can even spruce up the bathroom according to the season by adding new coloured towels, or if you prefer to keep the towels you have, why not get a new coloured soap dispenser, some fresh flowers or even some waterproof artworks for the bathroom to add some features to the space.

Plants are a great way to freshen up any area, as they soften the space, and great a little tranquility – especially in in the bathroom.

Plants: Whilst on the topic of planets. Plants are the easy alternative to creating a new space in any room of the house. Buy plants which are unique and hardy in spaces where there may not be a lot of light.

And depending on there season, if you want to move plants around the house and change them up a bit, make sure you keep them all in the pots they originally came in, and purchase some lovely ceramic or wicken baskets so you can change plants easier without having to deal with soil.

Of course, other small things that can be changed around the house, which don’t cost much. Things like rugs, candles and even books can change the feel and look of a home without you having to change more expensive items in the house, such as paint colours, couches or furniture.

I always look at Pinterest for inspiration on ways to spruce up living spaces at home, to create the illusion of being in a new home, without hardly spending a cent.

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