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Finally a Toothpaste Worth Getting Excited Over

The words toothpaste and excited rarely go hand in hand, but that’s how I feel about this new toothpaste by MooGoo.

The paste is actually called Moothpaste, which is super adorable and a perfect for the brand as they all about mooing and cooing. With cows that is.

MooGoo was a created out of a happy circumstance, when the head of the herd Craig Jones learned of how his mother was using a specially formulated white paste like cream, created to keep a cows udder soft and hydration to prevent any cracking and drying out from milking.

Craig’s mother was using the cream to treat her own psoriasis and it was working – well. However, the formulation wasn’t really for human skin, so the paste was thick and hard to apply. So, Craig took the task of formulating the texture and ingredients of the cream to better suit humans and to treat varying skincare concerns.

Many years on and MooGoo has now become a household name for many people, used to treat a variety of dry skin issues, scalp issues, hair complaint and so much more. The brand expanded from creams and lotions to soaps, body washes and hair products.

And now, toothpaste – I mean Moothpaste LOL.

The Moothpaste isn’t new to the collection, however, it did disappear for a while in order to be better perfected in it’s delivery system of not just cleaning teeth, but to aid in all sort of dental issues. From tooth scarring (yes, that’s a thing), tooth enamel healing and gum health.

It’s a natural toothpaste with a fluroide-free alternative to still provide what the teeth need to be strong and healthy. This fluroride-free alternative is called calcium hydroxyapatite and it’s free from any harmful sugars, chemicals and other nasties which can inhibit overall health of teeth and gums.

I was sent the toothpaste (sorry moothpaste) to try for myself and after a month of using the product, I can noticeable feel and see differences in my teeth and gum health. Of course, it’s no miracle cure to the many issues I have with my teeth (that’s for another story – maybe). But the paste has sure assisted with a lot of issues which were concerining me on a regular basis.

For the last five years (maybe more) my teeth have become more and more sensitive. Which means, I can hardly get through a few days without constantly using toothpaste designed for toothpaste. Frustrating to say this lease. This is a result of my gums slightly begin to reseed from the tooth line and because I have been a tooth grinder most of my life and never worn a mouth guard.

I know, I know. I can hear all of you telling me off right now, advising how silly I am I never went and got a mouth guard. But in all honesty, considering my tooth sensitivity issues, they are in good order and nothing major has come from it. I do clean nearly three times a day though. Under the advismement of my dentist as my teeth are all crammed together in a very small mouth.

Using the new Moothpaste by MooGoo has significantly reduced my teeth sensitivity issues, which I believe is a result from the specially formulated paste which has been created to repair damage on the tooth and restore.

The texture did feel a bit weird at first, as it’s not like other toothpaste and there is no fresh minty taste either. So that took a little getting used to. What I did find though, is after a few days of using it, I actually didn’t mind there was no minty taste after using, because I could enjoy any foods and drinks not long after, without it clashing with the mintiness of the toothpaste I just used. Winning.

All in all, my review of this product is pretty oustanding, even if it does take a little time to get used to the very milky like texture of the toothpaste. It’s a winner and I will definitely keep using it.

Intersting enough, I have a dentist’s appointment coming up in a week. I’ll be interested to hear what he has to say about my teeth and gum health – I wonder if he notices any changes. That may be for another blog – an update on my mouth health with MooGoo Mouthpaste.

Click here to purchase your very own MooGoo Mouthpaste for RRP $9.90

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