Kmart sheet masks for the face

Have You Tried the Kmart Brand Sheet Face Masks?

I recently discovered the new sheet face masks by Kmart and I have literally fallen in love with them.

With all the COVID-19 crisis stuff happening at the moment, being stuck indoors and on lockdown I have been burning through all my favourite sheet masks by Innisfree.

And although I am fully aware you can buy them online for delivery, with so many other people across Sydney, NSW and Australia now stuck at home and purchasing online, I just wasn’t prepared to wait for the backorder of masks to finally get delivered when they were already massively backlogged with online orders.

I wanted something quick, easy to get to and affordable like that of the Innisfree masks,. which vary anywhere between $2 each to $5 each.

My nearest store with access to fast and accessible beauty products apart from Coles and Woolies, was Kmart. So, With mask and gloves in hand, I made my way (solo of course) to Kmart to search for what masks I could find under $5

Success, I found a selection of masks at Kmart very similar to the of my fave ones at Innisfree. Fairly natural ingredients, super juicy and dripping in serums and each masks specialising in s specific purpose. Tea Tree for blemish prone skin, Cucumber for hydration, Lavender for skin treatment, Coconut for moisture, and so many more I haven’t yet tried.

The coconut, tea tree and cucumber face masks by Kmart

I have been addicted to the Tea Tree one of late, mostly as I have been focusing on key ingredients which work for my skin type, with respect to sensitivity, blocked pores, congested skin and prone to hormones under stress.

It’s fabulous. Not only does it dip your skin with rich hydration serums to moisturise and deeply nourish, the tea tree oil component delivered some pretty outstanding results with respect to reducing redness, and helping blemishes to heal a lot faster than normal.

I have also trialled the Lavender one, which worked to tone my skin, hydrate and also balance and reduce pores, which was a lovely after effect from the using the mask.

I am yet to use the coconut and cucumber one, but excited to use those these weekend. Because, heck I am happy to use a mask every day to be honest.

The masks are $2.95 each and they have multiple ones for multiple skin concerns. I think it total , there were around ten or twelve different one, such as Kelp, Pomegranate and other fabulous ones with interesting ingredients. I didn’t have a chance to check out what each of them does, and I was oh so tempted to purchase one of each. I may yet do this, depending how I go with the Cucumber and Coconut one.

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