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How To Gain a Strong Following, According to an Expert

Are you seeing support on ways in which you can gain more followers on across your digital platform? Read on.

I came across an interesting article a while back, where successful YouTuber Zoella (Zoe Sugg) chatted about what she believed was the most honest way to gain followers for your different platforms and digital channels.

Here are her steps to gaining a strong following.

Let people see the real you: Be vulnerable if you must. But definitely let people see who you are, the real you and not something fake. Especially if you are life blogging or blogging daily, weekly or monthly. People want to be able to connect to you and the life you have, not something false which is not achievable for them and they can’t relate to.

Create regular content: Find a routine which suits you for creating regular content. This might be to post every Monday, or every second Monday, or maybe even only once a month, depending on what sort of content you are creating. If you are looking at creating more regular content, then you might like to choose the days you wish to post, such as every Wednesday and Saturday; or something like that.

Be transparent: Be honest and be transparent. If you are having a bad day because of anxiety, or from anything else in life, then talk about. People want to content to you about their own problems, as a reminder they are not alone enduring life challenges alone. So if you are transparent, your audience will appreciate it and keep watching you for more content.

Collaborations: Don’t force collaborations with other people or brands, as these will naturally begin to occur the more honest you are and the more people you attract also. Try to gain followers respectively and honestly (no cheating) and when the time is right then you will see brands and people will reach out to you for collaborations. But be picky, not spoilt. If you take anything, then you may give the illusion of coming across as desperate.

Zoe Sugg showing us how to work the camera for the perfect selfie.

These simple aspect of being a content creator will surely help guide you to a high following. It may take some time, but if you stick to it and maintain honesty in your branding, it won’t be long before all of the above starts to form you into a well respected content creator in your digital community.

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