5 ways to recover from the flu

Recovery Hacks for Fighting the Flu

Whether you’re feeling run down, fighting off a head cold, or perhaps the flu, here’s how to get better quick.

There are ways to boost your immune system when you are feeling tired and run down, or when you are already fighting a flu or cold. All from the food you eat, to the healthy lifestyle choices you make.

Most of what you have in your kitchen already will help you boost your immune health and keep you healthy and strong. Some of which will also help you recover if you have already caught a head cold or flu. Like the humble chicken soup – the best cure for any sickness.

Here are five foods to help you stay healthy and get better quick.

Enjoy a Delicious Lentil, Chicken or Dhal Soup:

This soup is protein, mineral and salt rich, all of which helps your body recover from any type of illness especially colds and flus. Filled with healthy veggies, garlic and ginger, the combination of this delicious mixture, whether it be a vegan lentil dhal or a chicken soup, will provide your body with all you need to fight back cold and flus.

Eat More Bananas:

Bananas are a great food for when you’re feeling unwell. They provide a good source of energy, vitamins and minerals and also contain a small amount of protein too. If you’re worried about them turning brown too quickly, slice them up and freeze them. Then when you are looking for a soothing smoothie to enjoy, you can blend them up and make into ice-cream of a yummy breakfast bowl.

Add More Garlic and Onions into Your Food:

These are excellent bacteria and infection fighting foods, which help you keep colds and flus at bay, or kill them off if you are already sick. Especially with respiratory infections. Use them in a vegetable soup or a yummy stir fry, and add in some turmeric and ginger for an extra boost to help your immunity heal faster and fight off any other infections.

Drink Lots of Herbal Tea:

Herbs such as rosemary, thyme, Echinacea and fennel are great for fighting off colds and flus and can also help you recover faster when you are sick. Herbal teas are also a great replacement to drinking just water, if you find yourself getting tired of drinking too much. Always stay hydrated as a way of preventing from catching anything, and also to help clear away any infections if you do catch anything.

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