how to stay healthy this flu season

How to Stay Healthy This Flu Season

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, I researched the best natural tips for staying flu-free.

Nobody wants to fall victim to the flue, whether it be Corona or not, and prevention is always better than cure. So, from a naturopath perspective, here’s how to battle the bug.

Make Sure to Wash Your Hands:

This is a no brainer really, and regardless of whether it’s flu season or not, you should always be asking your hands after everything you do. Especially as you wouldn’t believe how many times you touch your face throughout the day, often without you even realising.

So do yourself a favour and your friends and family a favour and wash your hands.

Check-in With Your Lifestyle:

Rome wasn’t built in a day. But once it was finally complete, it was glorious. Changing your lifestyle doesn’t have to be massive, and small changes can be rewarding in themselves. Things like mediating every night before you sleep, or making sure to breath deeply with yoga mantras when life gets stressful. These small things can lead to greater things when dealing with stress daily.

Stress is taxing on the immune system, so keeping your stress in check and managing it better. can help your immune system stay healthy. Use your time in self-isolation (if you are) to connect with some cyber yoga and meditation classes which help you manage your stress better.

Avoid Excess Drinking of Alcohol:

So you’e in self-isolation and looking for ways to entertain yourself at night, with a cyber laugh on a zoom party with friends perhaps, or watching the latest episode of Stranger Things with a class of wine in hand. Remember alcohol can weaken the immune system. Even if you’re in self-isolation, the days you need to duck out to the shops for groceries you are exposing yourself to germs and other nasties.

If you’ve had too few many the night before, your immune system could be low leaving you more vulnerable. So make sure to keep drinking lots of water to flush any toxins from the alcohol and keep your immune system strong and healthy.

Eat The Right Foods:

Organic produce which contains ingredients such as antioxidants and other essential vitamins and minerals will also keep your immune system healthy and strong.

For Vitamin C, eat foods such as seasonal citrus, capsicum, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and guava. For Vitamin D, eat eggs. Try taking a probiotic also to help keep the gut healthy, which in turn will protect your immune system. Add a little extra nuts and seeds to your diet daily as well, to increase essential fats required for a healthy gut. If you do suffer from cold sores however, stay away from nuts and eat avocados instead.

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