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Paddington Reservoir: Sit, Relax and Unwind

Paddington Reservoir in Sydney’s East is a well-kept secret, which many Sydney-siders haven’t even heard about.

It dates back to 1866 and was in full operation until 1899 before being closed down. For a while, it sat in transit, as unused space, lost in history and forgotten. Until it was re-opened in 2006 as a beautiful sunken garden and water retreat for locals to take a stroll, sit and sunbake, read, study or explore the old caverns of the reservoir.

Following on from my ‘Things to do in Sydney’ (mostly for free or on a budget) this reservoir is a must-see for anyone passing through Sydney on a visit and especially for Sydney residents to go visit with family and friends. Or by yourself, if you prefer and need a few moments of tranquillity.

This is a great location to visit when you’re on a budget and looking for interesting things to do in Sydney. I am born and bred from Sydney and I had no idea this place even existed. One day when my partner took a stroll through Paddington to explore some great photo locations he came across the reservoir and told me all about it.

I couldn’t believe that for over 2 years I had been attending work meetings across the street and didn’t even know the reservoir was there. And I am not the only one. Unless you have physically spent some time walking up and down Oxford Street in Paddington, or you’re a resident there, most people don’t know it exists. What a gem to discover and explore.

I won’t go on about the history of the reservoir, as a quick google search will tell you about why it was built, its successes and unsuccessful moments and why it was eventually decommissioned as one of Sydney’s reservoirs. Instead enjoy some of the pics I took whilst spending an hour there, enjoying the peace and learning more about the history of this wonderful city I call home; Sydney.

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