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Visiting an Historial Gold Mining Town in Coolgardie

Flashback to my travels around the beautiful deserts of Western Australia.

Travel is banned and we are all looking for ways to pass the time whilst in self-isolation. So, I thought every Sunday, I would share an old post of mine from places I have travelled to and places I have explored.

Did you know the population of Coolgardie in the late 1800s was more than the population of Sydney?

Coolgardie is located on the western central of Western Australia, a few hours drive west from the famous Gold Mining town of today Kalgoolie.

During the Gold Rush period, Coolgardie hosted an incredible amount of gold, which made Coolgardie the third largest town of Western Australia in the 1800s (after Perth and Freemantle). Making its population more than that of Sydney city at the time.

Coolgardie is a fascinating little town that consist of a small population of 1000 and boasts some of the most amazing Gold Rush antiquities I did ever see. Including the small streets lined with beautiful historic buildings in perfect condition, where the past still lingures and where the ghosts of miners and colonists still roam.

No, really. There are many stories of ghosts who wander the streets still searching for gold. There is even a ghost cat that haunts the old Warden Finnerty’s Residence. And, if you are feeling brave, you can take a ghost tour of the local cemetery at night, where you get to hear all the gruesome old tales of murder and mystery.

Instead of listening to me blabber on about all the great things in this neat little town, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite pictures we took whilst visiting Coolgardie – enjoy.



Old Gaol
Old Miners Tin Cabin

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Old Miners Tin Village



Australia’s rugged landscape


Old Miners Tin Cabin

img_2218img_2226img_2178OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Warden Finnerty’s Residence




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