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Dining at the Common Cafe and Bakery Ground

The Common Cafe and Bakery Ground in Picton is a restored 1800s lodging which once served as an inn, pub and accommodation for weary travellers of rural New South Wales.

Laying in wait on the outskirts of town, lays a fabulous secret too easy to find. But once you step inside, you’ll be amazing at what hides, within its walls of historical stories where you can drink and dine.

Okay, so rhyming was never my strongest suit. But, the words do ring true. The Razorbank Inn located on the main road heading out of Picton and on route to Camden is the perfect place to end your day of exploration.

Run by a small group community of people who rent the property from the owners, all food (except for the meat) is grown, baked and prepared onsite at the Ground. From delicious chicken burgers to vegan treats, the menu accommodates for any dietary requirements such as gluten-free-sugar-free, vegan and vegetarian.

And the people are super friendly who work there too. They are sort of like an alternate community group; similiar to hippies (no insult intended), so you know the food is going to be as organic as possible. Even the sugar used in their treats is unrefined. Meaning, no white sugar and no refined white flour either. Just raw and organic.

Even if you don’t fancy a feast, the grounds are worthy of a stop to inspect, especially when their trading hours are later than most other places in Picton. However, if you do decide to travel through Picton on a Saturday, due to the long hours of the Ground, they actually don’t trade on a Saturday.


The owners of the Razorback Inn have done a wonderous job restoring the historical building to it;s former glory. Okay, so the cafe part inside, with the modern day kitchen is obviously not authentic. however, the furniture and other aesthetic qualities of the property are all from the early 1800s period.

By chance, we came across this beauty when leaving Picton. We were actually on route to Camden in the hopes of finding a cafe open for afternoon tea. And, as we took a different road to enter the town of Picton, we had no idea this place existed.

And, it’s a good thing we did. We learned from some locals sitting inside, that like most country towns, all cafes close for business around 2pm and it was already 3pm. There’s no way we would have found anything open in Camden. And thanks to the Grounds, which trades until 5pm, we were able to sit down and relax with a good cup of tea and an amazing gluten-free apple and date crumble, which was absolutely amazing.


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