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Fruit Picking in Bilpin

We went to Bilpin to do fruit picking, to discover the Fruit Bowl wasn’t open for fruit picking.

I have been desperately eager for a while now to go to the Bilpin Fruit Bowl and pick my own fruit and try their AMAZING apple pies; which have had a reputation for a long while now, for selling one of the best apple pies around.

Following the Fruit Bowl on Facebook, I have been checking every week for an update on when they would be open for fruit picking, to ensure I don’t miss out.

In 2016, due to bad weather their fruit picking season wasn’t that great and rarely opened up to the public. In 2017, I wasn’t in town to go and try out their fruit picking. So in 2018, I knew it would be my year and I just had to watch for the release date on when the farm would be open for picking.

So, when I saw they made Facebook post stating ‘Fruit Picking now open from Sunday 11th November 2018’ I got hella excited and organised the fam bam to go the following weekend, on Sunday 18th November 2018, under the pretense they would be open and ready to receive us for fruit picking.

I was wrong, and it seems I completely misinterpreted their post on Facebook. Which made me both mad at the Fruit Bowl and mad at myself, for not calling before we made the two hour drive out there.

#1 they had opened on Sunday 11th for Strawberry picking only and #2 they are not officially open for fruit picking until December 12nd – argh!

Frustrated that yet again another fruit picking adventure had failed, I was both annoyed at myself for not callinjg and confirming the night before; or even that morning. But, also annoyed at the Bilipn Fruit Bowl, as their Facebook post didn’t say anything about the Strawberries; although they did have a separate post about that, and clearly stated they were open for fruit picking.

Anyways – without getting all negative about the experience, we made the most of the trip and opted to explore the very scenic town of Bilpin.

You can watch out latest adventure now on YouTube – link below.

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