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Lokmades Has Arrived Into My Neighbourhood

Lokmades vs Loukamades – in-fact they are both the same. One is Turkish, one is Greek.

Both are absolutely delicious, and the Turkish inspired Lokmades has arrived into my neighbourhood.

It’s something I have been keeping my eye on for a while now. The construction of a Lokamdes cafe opening up in my area. To date the closest cafe / restaurant I could access the Greek Loukamades is from Zeus Street Greek at Whetherill Park – which is a twenty to thirty minute hike from my joint via car – depending on traffic.

Though they are absolutely delicious at Zeus Street Greek, and fairly authentic, making the drive worth it. When one opens up closer to your home, where the drive is literally five minutes away, you can’t help but get excited.

I know, I absolutely did. The anticipation of waiting for Lokmades to open up was killing me.

And then finally, they opened last week.

So what are Lokamdes and what are Loukamades?

Lokma is a dessert made from bite-sized dough balls and is widely regarded as one of the oldest desserts in history. They were originally served with just honey syrup, cinnamon and nuts, and are traditionally from

Loukoumades are crispy dough balls covered in aromatic syrup and sprinkled with chopped nuts or cinnamon. They are like a Greek mini-doughnut – yum right? So good. Especially when they are drizzled with melted Nutella.

Sound pretty good don’t they? Have you ever tried them?

The first time I tried Greek Loukamades was more than 10 years ago, when my partner introduced me to them (his Aussie Greek), and I feel in love. Depending on who makes them, they are either super crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Or with a doughnut like texture both on the inside and outside.

Traditionally they are lightly coated in cinnamon and sugar and then drizzled with honey – often with walnuts as well.

However, over the last few years, a lot of places (Lokmades and Zeus Street Greek included) have been going next level with their dessert ideas, drizzling them with Nutella and topping with bananas and strawberries. Filling them with custard and then topping with chocolate. I mean, they are just turning from a humble Greek / Turkish dessert to a gourmet trove of delicious tastes.

When I saw the Now Open announcement on Instagram, I moseyed on down to Lokmades to see what was on the menu.

Important to note, that the first time I went, was at 2pm in the afternoon. Knowing they would be uber popular of an evening, I wanted to go early to beat the crowds, as I had already seen their photos of the soft opening and it was BUSY….

Unfortunately, they only serve the Lokmades from 5pm to 11pm, to keep the oil fresh and the machines clean. Makes sense. So, at 6pm, I headed back to place my order.

Oh my goodness, they were certainly busy. There is a little wait, I had to chill for at least 25 to 30 minutes, but they the food is super fresh, the coffee is good. Serving Campos (my favourite kind), and they also do churros, tacos, bubble waffles and a variety of other sweets. Yummy.

I ordered 3 different types. Original (without walnuts, as my partner is allergic), Biscoff and Half Half; which is a combination of the Lokmades being dipped in both dairy chocolate and white chocolate – turns out they are my favourite. But of course, you can’t beat original.

The Biscoff were delicious. However, as I am not a fan of custard and these Lokmades are injected with it. 1 was enough for me, so I focused on the original and Half Half. Yum.

I haven’t had a chance to head back for more, maybe this weekend. Next time I will order the Nutella and strawberry ones.

So happy Lokmades open up in my neighbourhood. I wish them all the best for success.

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