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My Daily Spring Beauty Routine

Spring is a time to renew and cleanse your body and even your house, so it makes sense to give your skin the same treatment as well.

Despite the mornings and the evenings still being fairly cool and even a little icy, the days are certainly beginning to warm. With nothing but beautiful blue sky as far as the eye can see.

Spring is certainly the season for coming out of the cold, as you feel more energised to be out and about, to catch up with friends. Or not, depending on where you are and what your social distancing laws are.

Here in Sydney, we are fairly lax about all those things, so still with some restrictions, it’s easy to catch up with friends and family under the sun, for brunch on the weekend, or a walk with the dogs at the park.

Of course, I don’t own a dog, I have a cat. But a lot of my friends all have dogs, and I do love meeting up with them for a walk along the beach in a local park, to walk and talk and of course cuddles with the puppies (so cute).

But my favourite about Spring (which isn’t just the flowers), is the concept of cleansing and renewal. I love that you can start to eat lighter foods, wear lighter skincare products and you can finally wear your favourite sandals in the day, without your little toes freezing off from the cold.

When it comes to skincare, I rethink my whole AM and PM routine. Choosing products which work to provide my skin with rich vitamins to protect from the warmth and the sun, ingredients which balance my sebum (because I do have combination to oily skin most days), and products which help to heal blemishes faster and combat any age spots and lines.

I don’t mind so much having oilier skin than most in the cooler months, and I do use an oil cleanser to help combat with my excess oily sebum production (even in summer).

However, winter skincare is often reserved for heavier creams, plenty of serums and loads of skin oils to keep my skin from drying out when the heater burns throughout the night to keep me warm.

For spring, this is my simplified AM and PM routine to help my skin stay fresh and clear and ready for the warmer months.

Morning Routine:

  1. Cleanse once with a milky cleanser infused with botanical oils to kick start my skin for the morning.
  2. Follow with a Witch Hazel Gel to help tone and reduce pores.
  3. Drench my skin with an antioxidant rich serum, preferable with vitamin C to help with skin pigmentation and to help protect against free radicals.
  4. Follow with a mid strength moisturiser. Mid strength means, somewhere between light and heavy to help my skin stay a healthy balance of hydration, as the weather is a combination of cool and warm.
  5. If I feel skin is a little dry from the rapid increase and decrease of temps, as it regulates after winter. I will also use a face mist afterwards, and throughout the day to keep skin hydrated also/

Evening Routine:

  1. Remove any makeup, dirt and grime using an oil cleanser. If I haven’t worn any makeup, then I will use Micellar water instead to cleanse.
  2. I then follow with a cleanser, which is half oil and half water (it needs a good mix before use), which used revolutionary technology of the oil in the cleanser to break down excess sebum produced throughout the day, and then the water component will cleanse away dead skin cells and dirt.
  3. This is followed with a witch hazel toner to seal pores and help heal any blemishes faster.
  4. I then apply a retinol serum to help deal with any dry spots or skin ageing issues.
  5. Follow with a Jojoba oil to rebalance my sebum production.
  6. And then use a night cream, which is a little heavier than most, as I am an early shower girl (say 5pm-6pm of an evening), so I need something to last on my skin for more than 12 hours.

If I do have any inflammation or excess dirty skin from wearing makeup all day. I will often throw in a clay mask after I come home and have cleansed makeup off, so the clay mask will draw out impurities. I then use a serum hydrating mask afterwards to help balance the skin after the clay mask has drawn out all the excess oil.

I am a freelance writer and content creator who designs website and manages social media. I also write travel and beauty for www.renaesworld.com.au, and a weekly beauty column for www.bondibeauty.com.au whilst managing my own personal travel and lifestyle blog at www.my-life-journal.com

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