how to have a Thai massage at home
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How to Have a Thai Massage at Home

If you’re busy and don’t have time to book yourself in for a massage treatment at your local Thai Massage, try this at home treatment instead.

Of course, there are a variety of companies who now come to your home, which is amazing for anyone who is time poor, or uncomfortable with the idea of having a massage out of their comfort zone and would prefer to stay at home in their trackies (Aussie term for sweatsuit, or tracksuit).

But if the idea of having someone oil you up for a massage, whether that be at a massage clinic or even in the comfort of your own home is not appealing at all. Then follow this simple guide on ways you can achieve a Thai massage in your very own home.

What you’ll need:

  • Yoga mat or rug
  • Bolster or rolled up towel
  • Pillow for your head (if needed)
  • Massage ball (can be purchased on line and are normally the site of a tennis ball)
  • Some relaxation music

Start by laying face up on your mat or rug on the floor, make yourself as comfortable as possible as you listen to your relaxation music and focus on your breathing. In and out through the nose.

After about two to three minutes of relaxation, your body is no ready for a little self massage to help destress and unwind the body.

Sit up and find yourself in a comfortable sitting position.

If you need to lean up against a wall for support or a pillow underneath, do whatever you need to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Starting with your left foot, cross it over your right knee and using both hands to cradle your foot, start to massage your foot using your thumbs, applying as much pressure as needed. Work through the arch and the heal and then end with a massage of each toe to release tension.

Once you have finished with the left foot, move onto the right foot and repeat the process.

By massaging the feet, you are releasing physical and emotional stress from the body, as your feet carry a lot of that energy around the toes and heels. Especially if you are on your feet all day.

Once you have completed the right foot, grab your massage ball and place it on the floor. Place your foot on the ball and tool your foot around the ball. you can also do this standing up to apply more pressure into tight spots of the foot. However, if you don’t have the best balance, you can still get the same release by sitting down and rolling your foot on the ball on the floor.

Repeat with the other foot, until both feet feel very relaxed.

If you speak with many massage therapist and wellbeing professionals, most will tell you that the stress on the body, tight muscles in the shoulders and the hips, is often a result of tight muscles in the feet and legs.

With this in mind, using your hands, sit-in in a comfortable position, start massaging in circular motions, the calves of your legs and them move up to around the knew and into the hamstring and the thigh.

If you have sore hands, and sore thumbs by now (which is very common), try using the massage ball by either using it onto of your thighs (yes it will hurt), or place on the floor and move the back of your legs (the calves and the hamstrings) on the ball, deeply massaging into the tight muscles.

I won’t lie, this will hurt, but it will give you the ultimate massage treatment for your legs. Much like it did for the feet.

It’s important to note that there is no right or wrong answer here, as you can use this treatment to massage other areas of your body also. And you can apply whatever pressure you are comfortable with for the best release.

I often shower or bathe before doing this at home massage to add an extra bit of relaxation to my practice, but you can do this after the self-treatment as well.

Once you have messaged all areas of the body, such as your lower back using the ball (which is painful, but works like a treat). Lay back down comfortably on your mat or your rug and breath deeply, taking a few moments to absorb the feelings and sensations of the massage.

And you’re done. You should feel instantly relaxed, especially after focusing a lot of massage treatment to the feet, as these are your main pressure points in the body, and often the best place to treat, to help you achieve the ultimate in relaxation.

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