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There’s a New Cafe in Town called Frankie’s

Super excited to announce there is finally a vegan-friendly, gluten-free friendly healthy cafe serving great coffee, which has opened up in my area.

I live in the south-west of Sydney, away from most of city life, so there are not a massive amount of eating options around me when it comes to healthy eats and drinks and I get frustrated when I all I want is a simply gluten-free vegan brekkie with good coffee and I have to go to the city to get it.

Of course, there are a few cafes around my area that do serve up some good foods which cater for my dietary requirements. The problem is, most of these cafes are super tinny, pack a large crowd because they are the only one around and have super random trading hours; which is really frustrating.

QSo, imagine my excitement, when Flower Power decides to leave their old address, open up somewhere brand new and lease out a stunning space to a cafe franchise called Frankie’s.

We decided to go test out the cafe a week ago.

Okay, so we had already been to the cafe over the Easter long weekend. However, the cafe wasn’t completely open yet as they were only serving coffee and cake. No food yet. We suspected that due to Flower Power celebrating the launch of their new store opening over the long weekend, Frankie’s were asked to trade also, to serve drinks to everyone coming to see the new garden centre.

With that said, we had to reschedule another day for when the kitchen was open and serving food.

It was so packed, not an empty seat and we had a fifteen minute wait for a table. Which is not too bad, but so unlikely and unfamiliar around our area. Which is Moorebank. Normally you never had to wait that long for a table unless you are in the city.

The verdict: delicious and then some.

The food is so good, we went again for Mother’s Day. Though this time, we booked a table, so we didn’t have to wait.

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