Beauty: My First Ever Laser Treatment

I’m baring it all in this post and sharing my very first laser skin treatment experience with you.

It’s not that I’ve never liked my skin, in-fact there are multiple photos of me not wearing much makeup at all, which have posted across a lot of my social media channels (yes, I have more than one).

However, as I am very blemish prone at most times of the month, due to my skin being incredibly sensitive to foods, climate and emotions (like so many other people I’m sure), I rarely ever let anyone see my blemishes and always cover them up with concealer.

For this story, I decided to bare it all and expose my skin both before and after my very first laser treatment.

First a little background.

I’ve never ever looked in the mirror and thought ‘I have bad skin’. Though I do get very frustrated when I’m still prone to blemishes and I’m nearly forty.

This of course, is a result of having very oily prone skin and SUPER large pores which love to grab any particle of dirt and dust as it passes by.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t still leave me feeling frustrated – a lot. With the use of decent skincare products and regular microdermabrasion treatments, I’ve always managed to control my skin to the best I can and combat any skin concerns.

Having a laser treatment though, never really hit my radar as a form of treating any of my skin conditions. Mostly, as I always try to stay away from evasion style facials and skin treatments. Even though most people always say having laser is the next step after having microdermabrasion for more than seven years; like I have.

So, I’ve always kept to my routine and just managed my skin as best as possible, with the idea that perhaps when I’m in my mid to late forties, I’ll evolve into laser should I find my skin is starting to show signs of ageing. Thankfully due to my oily skin, I don’t have any symptoms – yet.

For Bondi Beauty, the online publication I casually write for, I was invited along to Skin Renu in Balmain in the inner west of Sydney city, to go and try their Clear + Brilliant laser skin treatment.

I was so nervous. Would it be painful? Would I be uncomfortable? Would it hurt? Will I feel terrible effects afterwards? Can I still wear makeup? Will it affect my already exisiting blemishes? So many questions and concerns. No wonder I was nervous and anxious.

Jess, who was conducted the treatment on my skin was AMAZING and she certainly put my mind at rest before we started, during the process and after the process.

It’s probably too early for me to tell how well my skin has responded, as I literally had the treatment yesterday before going home and writing this story. So, my mind is not yet made up to whether I will go again or not to get it done in another month.

I can tell you what to expect if you ever decide to go though. It’s like really bad sunburn and I had the aircon pumping in my car to the lowest degree possible to help my fave keep cool for the drive home.

I was tomato red and burning like fire; all normal for a laser treatment apparently, but didn’t make any less uncomfortable. When I got home, I actually applied a decent amount of Aloe Vera all over my face, which I’m not sure you are supposed to do that. But, I did it anyways. And I’m so thankful we are in Autumn as I really don’t think I could have dealt with the aftermath of the treatment in summer eek!

Apparently, I’ll see the benefits of the laser treatment in a week, maybe two. So, I’ll check back in in a few weeks and let you know how that went, post-treatment.

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