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3 Sydney Cafes Specialising in Tea

Now that Autumn has finally arrived (yippie), here are three Sydney cafes you must hit up, serving the latest and greatest in herbal teas.

Herbal tea drinking is my favourite past time, coming in second to my coffee obsession. And although I do drink herbal tea all year around, as soon as the weather hit Autumn in winter, I definitely see a shift in my own personal daily trends, where I start to favour cafes who specialise in tea more than coffee.

With that being said, Sydney hosts so many great tea cafes. Though there are three in particular which I believe are the best in town.

Two I have previously written about (a while ago now), but I will be including them anyway, as they seriously serve up the largest range of herbal teas both without milk as lattes and create a host of unusual flavours, I never thought possible for tea. Yum!

The Rabbit Hole – Redfern:

I’ve listed this first, because this is my favourite tea house in all of Sydney. The range is simply stunning with the best being their Ginger Snap Latte and their Turkish Delight; which you can either have black or as a latte.

The moment you walk into The Rabbit Hole you are confronted with a spectacular range of different tea which you can buy to take home or stay and try and they always have a pot brewing of their latest so you can try it out too.

T Totaler – Newtown & Galleries George Street:

Made popular for their Vegan inspired Earl Grey and White Chocolate Latte topped with pink fairy floss and rose petals, there’s a reason why there is always a line at this quaint little cafe. The only annoying thing here is there is nowhere to sit.

They are purposely designed for people grabbing fabulous tea on the go. Which is okay as there are plenty of great locations to sit at for the George Street Galleries location and a small bar to sit and sip at their Newtown location.

The Tea Cosy – The Rocks:

This tea house is a little more traditional than the rest and reminds me of the cute little 17th century tea rooms you see all over England, which make The Rocks the perfect setting for this heritage listed cafe, where the pots come wrapped up in a handmade tea-cosy and a menu of traditional teas served with fluffy scones and biscuits. None of which I can eat of course, being gluten intolerant. But, I can still appreciate a good snack when I see one.

If you prefer your tea more traditional in nature, with less creativity and sparkling sass most tea cafes these days are serving, then this is the tea house for you, as it is as traditional as it comes. Which is a good thing. Nothing says Autumn more than a hot brew of Irish Breakfast tea. As far as I’m concerned anyway.

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