My Latest Beauty Obsession – Vitamin C Skincare

Vitamin C Skincare has revolutionised the way I treat, manage and look after my skin.

Although the concept is nothing new for sure, previously I’d never really taken much stock into what sorts of ingredients were in my Skincare.

Okay, so in truth, I’ve actually been using Vitamin C based Skincare products for at least a year now, but I really wanted to share my experience with how my skin has evolved the last using these Skincare products and my excitement when I learned one of my fave beauty brands Peter Thomas Roth has finally released their very own line of Vitamin c Skincare products.

And yes, I’m aware PTR released these products a while ago, it’s just taken me a while to get this blog out LOL.

It all started a year ago when I had my skin analyses using a revolutionary skin X-ray machine of sorts, which takes thermal type images of your skin layers to show you wants happening deep beyond the first layer of cells.

I learned a lot about skin that day. From why I still get break outs in my late thirties to whether or not microderm is working to remove pigmentation and the most important one of all, how my skin was ageing.

I can positively report, my skin results were not that bad. In-fact the report provided a pretty happy outcome of my skin and I found out due to enlarged pores which grab all sorts of pollution and dirt in the day, this is why I breakout a lot and that I have little to no ageing damages on my skin to be concerned about – YAY!

However, I was lacking in the support of cell regrowth, hydration (even though I have oily skin) and massive build up of melanin in the skin (not the bad sort). Which was also why I had break outs.

The cure: Vitamin C.

It was here I started my journey in testing, trailing and working through a variety of Vitamin C products to help with my skin concerns.

When I found out about the release of Peter Thomas Roth’s new Potent C range I was so excited and couldn’t wait to try them. I’m addicted. Especially the daily moisturiser, the serum and the spot treatment.

The products work so effectively and my skin has seriously never looked better. Thanks to both the beautiful mixture of amazing ingredients incorporated with Vitamin C.

When I’ve run out of a specific Vitamin C product by PTR in particular and I forget to order or just ran out of time to hit up my nearest Sephora store, I seriously see the difference in my skin. The breakouts take longer to heal & my skin oil goes out of balance.

Don’t just take my world for it though, try it for yourself and see the results first hand.

Of course PTR aren’t the only brand successfully incorporating Vitamin C into their products. Clinique are also good job with it too.

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