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Ireland Adventures: Exploring a Fully Restored Medieval Castle

Bunratty Castle in Ireland is the only medieval castle to ever be fully restored.

To celebrate St Patrick’s Day, I thought I would step back in time to when I travelled through Ireland with my partner and we spent a good few weeks exploring medieval castles, neolithic wonders and many other great secrets this wonderful country has to offer.

Sometimes, rather than writing down the most enjoyable experiences on a holiday, it’s better to just say it in pictures.

As the saying goes; a picture says a thousand words. So, with that in mind, I thought I would share some beautiful photos of an incredible castle my partner and I visited, whilst in Ireland. It was the most intact castle I have ever been inside.

A considerable about of time has been spent to restore the castle to its former glory and the results are incredible. Located approx 30 minutes west of Limerick on the west coast of the Republic of Ireland is Bunratty Castle.

Pretty spectacular. the grounds themselves are pretty impressive, with traditional medieval cottages, farmstead and houses to experience, along with the castle.

The Stables
Farm Grounds
Some visitors
The mill
That’s not real snow πŸ™‚
Entering the castle
A maze of stairs
The castle’s front door
Traditional cottages
The roof of the castle
Time for prayer

The castle itself wasn’t overly that grand, as it belonged to an earl and his wife, not a king or queen. However, it was grand it its own right, as most of the furniture, rugs, tapestries and other great treasures in the castle are all original from the medieval period, at the time the earl would have ruled the area of Bunratty. Pretty awesome. We spent half a day here, and happened across the castle by chance, whilst driving to Limerick. You can see it from the main road. If we knew it was there, we could have easily spent an entire day there. Just beautiful.


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