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Reflecting on My Stay at The Golden Door

I’ve stayed four times at the Golden Door now, and although I still find staying there one of the most amazing and tranquil experiences ever – I’ve come to realise how much I’ve outgrown this resort.

When I first came to The Golden Door seven years ago, a lot had happened in my life. I lost my mother to cancer, moved back to Sydney from Cairns in QLD, in a rush move in order to be with my mum before she left this earth.

Feeling alone, confused and looking for spiritual guidance of the non-religious kind. The Golden Door was the perfect place to help my find my chi and rebalance my energy to continue on with life (which I blogged about my experience earlier on in my days of Travel Bug).

But now, seven years later, I have come to realise both with my health and my spirituality I have completely outgrown The Golden Door and have made the choice to never go back.

This isn’t a reflection on the resort itself. So, don’t misunderstand me when I say I won’t be back. This isn’t really about the resort itself, but more about me and my journey; through life.

I don’t really like using the term ‘journey’ as it’s been used to death in reality shows like Aussie TV shows like MasterChef and The Block. But really, it’s the perfect word to use for this piece, as it really has been a journey, from when I lost my mother to cancer seven years ago to where I am now.

Since my first stay at The Golden Door those seven years ago, I have become a pescatarian; who does occasionally eat chicken, a yogi who goes at least three times a week and a passionate writer who loves travel, animals, life and prefers to keep the company od those pretty much like minded to where I am at this present moment spiritually.

I’ve been lucky; to say the least, that this incredible journey has been made even more rewarding, having my bestie traveling along side with me (and my loving partner of course). Both of which, have supported me through all my trials and tribulations when it comes to life changes and progressing forward into the future.

My bestie Brooke has embarked on a similar journey of spirituality, with respect to her health; being partially vegan, and leaving her stressful life of sales to become one of the most-humble yoga teachers I know.

And this journey of mine has certainly been made easy (of sorts) having her transition through a similiar spiritual movement in her life at the same time.

So, the moral of the story is. Whatever you need to help you find your place in the earth, whether it’s to travel overseas, or save up to spend some quality (and luxurious) time at a health retreat. Don’t be scared to reach out and touch the stars.

You were born to be great, no matter what you do. Success comes in many forms, and money is not always the key. Sometimes a story of success is turning your life into a humble experience of helping the needy or become a pet minder.

Whatever the choice may be, we all deserve to be happy and maybe, just maybe your happiness is waiting around the corner for you – so reach out and grab it. Because it may not wait forever.

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