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Skiing in Australia: Why I Prefer Thredbo Over Perisher

Don’t get me wrong Perisher Blue is a beautiful ski resort. But there is just something magestic about Thredbo Village.

And although Australia isn’t really known for it’s snowy white mountains and rocky alps, Mount Kosciuszko in New South Wales definitely delivers our fair share of snow that one special time of year, in Winter.

So, why do I prefer Thredbo to Perisher?

Normally when I take a holiday to go visit the beautiful snowy alps of Mount Kosciuszko, it is always to ski. From first lift ride to last lift ride, I barely take my skis off the snowy ground to even break for lunch. I love and breath the sport. So much so, I’ve even got the war wounds of my obsession to prove it. From sprained thumbs to dislocated knees, I have many ski injuries from head to toe.

However, not so long ago, a group of decided to go to Thredbo for a non-skiing holiday. It was my first time going to the snow without any skis in tow.

It felt strange at first. Watching all the happy skiers go up and down the mountain, over and over again, whilst I played in the snow with my nephew; building snowmen and creating snow angels. But you know what, I had the best time. And I walked away from the snow, without any injuries. Winning.

I’ve have always loved Thredbo. It reminds me of some hidden ski resort nestled into the rocky mountains of the Swiss Alps. The problem was, being so devoted to spending hours on the ski slopes, I never really gave myself the chance to absorb what Thredbo Village had to offer.

The village itself is nestled into a rocky cliff side, which faces the ski fields of Thredbo. The layout of the village ensures you have a mountain view from pretty much anywhere you stand and everywhere you stay. Interlinked with pebble stone pathways, you can spend hours wandering through the streets in search of all that Thredbo has to offer. From Bavarian Beer houses, a corner shop, giftware and clothes shopping to a variety of five star restaurants to casual eating cafes, serving up some pretty incredible locally grown coffee. All surrounded by beautiful wood log cabins, exclusive mansions and breathtaking hotels.

Compared to Perisher Blue, I would have to stay, Thredbo Village has to be one of the most picturesque towns in the Australian Alpine region.

In stark contrast, Perisher Blue is located on the other side of the mountain. And although it boasts some beautiful snowy settings, the resort itself is located in the heart of the ski fields. Which means, you are restricted to what you can do outside of skiing. There is no village to wander at night, in search of the best mulled wine and no option to do a bit of gift shopping at leisure.

For me, Thredbo Village has grown to be a one of the most atmospheric towns in all of Australia. with it’s charming European mountain feel, it boasts a world of character not commonly seen in many alpine villages in Australia.

Here’s a few of my favourite activities to do in Thredbo:

Stroll through the village and enjoy some shopping and great food, whilst admiring all the many beautiful buildings. As you are on a cliff, wear comfortable shoes as you will need to use a lot of stairs to get up and down the mountain.

Rent a Holiday Home or chalet instead of booking into a hotel. This way you get to enjoy the full alpine experience of what it’s like to live in an alpine village.

Apres Skiing is fast becoming the thing to do after a day of skiing, especially in Thredbo. Basically it means, ski all day and head straight to the bar for drinks. Try the Bavarian Beer Hall at The River Inn, the Schuss Bar, Rekorderlig Cider Pop Up at Thredbo Alpine Hotel or The Denman Apres Bar and enjoy a wide variety of mulled wine, European beer or schnapps.

Cook your own Steak in the House of Ullr, located in near the centre of the village is a uniquely different restaurant as you get to cook all your own food, whilst listening to a live band on stage.

Play in the snow and leave your skis at the hotel. You won’t believe how much fun can be had. Take the chair lift up to Eagles Nest and enjoy the beautiful sights Mount Kosciuszko has to offer. And when you have finished building the world’s best snowman, enjoy a delicious feast at Eagles Nest Restaurant, Australia’s highest restaurant with an incredible 270ยฐ view of the mountains. It’s amazing.

Schnapps tasting at the Wildbrumby Schnapps Distillery. Located 22 min away from Thredbo Village, you can enjoy a delicious German inspired menu which you can accompany with a wide selection of Schnapps flavours.

Night Skiing is a must, as long as the weather permits.Ski fields are lined with stunning lights to guide your way back down the mountain. And the best part, you get to look back over Thredbo Village at night, a magical experience in itself.

Thredbo Village at night
House of Ullr
Frosty the Snowman
Wildbrumby Distillery
Sequoia Penthouse
One of the many rental properties
Candlelight Lodge
Me and new best friend
The shopping zone
A cute little fella
Thredbo Alpine Hotel







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