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Camping in the Black Desert of Egypt

Spent a night under the stars in the Egyptian Black Desert – miles from nowhere.

Planned holidays are amazing, but off the whim travel decisions are incredible. That’s how I came to find myself camping in the Black Desert of Egypt.

The original plan was to take a VERY long bus trip to Mount Sinai to explore the epic mountain range near the temple of Saint Catherine. However, die to some ever increasing security concerns, the decision was made to cancel that part of the itinerary – literally 2 days before we were supposed to leave. And some last minute changes of traveling out to the Black Desert of Egypt was made, for a night of camping under the stars.

And, although it was unfortunate we didn’t get a chance to hike Mount Sinai before dawn to watch the sun rise over the Egyptian Desert – star gazing at the night sky in the desert, was equally as epic as ever.

Of course the evening started off with a full moon – SIGH! So, we had to wait until was the middle of the night nearly, when the moon was disappearing before we could appreciate the unobscured night sky, away from any city lights.

We sat by the camp fire and listened to desert tales from our local Egyptian guide, before feasting down on a delicious and authentic Egyptian BBQ meal for dinner. And before you ask, yes it was cold that night – it’s a desert after all and the nights are SUPER cold. Which was actually a refreshing change from the constant heat of Egypt – even though we were travelling in their Winter. With their Winter being more like an Australian Summer really.

Of all the things we experienced in Egypt, I must admit this was one of my favourite things to have done. Maybe because it was a spontaneous adventure, but I like to think it was more because we had escaped the hustle and bustle of Cairo for the night, and finally had the chance to just sit back and relax, and to reflect and appreciate everything Egypt has to offer.


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