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4 Sydney Cafes Serving Delicious Gluten-free Food

Gluten-free cafes are hard to come to by. Check out my favourite four in Sydney right now.

For those who know me well, you’ll know I love a good smashed avo on toast with a side serving of delicious coffee or chai tea; depending on my mood.

Cafes have always been my favourite type of eatery. From a child, right up to being a teenager and now as an adult. I was always obsessed with brunch and lunch and the types of over sized breads and good coffee many quality cafes always serve up. Fifteen years on, imagine how thrilled I was when Brunch became a thing for everyone. Oh the excitement, now I had a reason to drag everyone around with me for the perfect cafe food, now that it’s a trend LOL.

Many years on and now nearly forty, my obsession for cafes has grown out of this world. Here’s a list of several of my fave ones right now in Sydney – YUM!

Three Beans:

This a franchise of cafes across Sydney, but my first try at a Three Beans cafe was at Rhodes Shopping Centre at Homebush. Since then they have grown to several locations across Sydney, including Castle Hill and Kereela. As I am gluten-free and border-line vegan, Three Beans offer a great selection of foods to accommodate for people like me who are either fussy eateries of have food allergies.

three beansthree beans 2

Leaf Cafe & Co:

New to Auburn and located in the most unlikely of places, Leaf Cafe & Co are in the new Homemakers Centre of Auburn on Parramatta Road; across the road from Costco. This was a surprising find made by my partner and I were running errands one weekend and desperately seeking a good and healthy eat. We hadn’t been to this homemaker centre for a while and it was seriously un-recognisable, with so many great places to eat if you don’t fancy Leaf Cafe & Co.

leaf cafe & co

Micky’s Cafe:

Micky’s in Paddington has been around for a LONG time in Sydney and has had many a new owner slip through it’s doors. But I always find no matter the owner, the coffee at Micky’s is always hands down one of the best. they have just recently just undergone yet another swap of ownership and a new reno, but the food is still great and the coffee even better. If you’re on a tight budget, you sure to get a great eat at Micky’s.


Charlie Loviit:

My partner and I were recently introduced to this restaurant, when we had to meet someone for a business meeting. Hidden in humble Hurstville, across the road from the RMS and surrounded by apartments and office blocks, this unsuspecting cafe is the perfect setting for some quiet time to study or to hang with friends and family. I’m obsessed with their gluten-free pizzas for lunch and the coffee is deliciously brewed too.

charlie loviit




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