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Where to Eat in Los Cristianos, Tenerife

You only need to walk down the road from wherever you’re staying and you will find yourself surrounded by so many amazing places to eat.

From traditional Spanish tapas to seafood and Italian. There is even a host of English and Irish pubs serving up traditional British pub meals, for those of you who might be feeling a little homesick whilst travelling.

So, I thought I would share my favourite top 4 places to eat at when staying in Los Cristianos.

From breakfast, lunch to dinner, each of these restaurants are catered for a variety of cravings you might be having whilst on holidays.

The best place to eat and watch the sunset. If you’re like me and live on the East coast of your home town, you would be used to watching the sunset over land, instead of the ocean. So when I visit Tenerife, I get a real kick out of admiring the sunset over water each night. This is the perfect restaurant to do that. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, they have an extensive menu to cater for all taste, from traditional Spanish to your favourite Caesar Salad. The restaurant is well priced if you’re on a budget and serve great coffee and cocktail if you prefer to just enjoy a drink and watch the sunset.


The Surrey Arms:

For a little local luxury when it comes to food, you definitely want to head here for dinner. It’s a small restaurant, so bookings are highly recommended. Especially when dining on the weekends. They aren’t open on Mondays or Tuesdays so they fill up very quickly during the week. Their specialty is flambe cooked seafood and steak and believe me it delivers on quality. Mike the Chef (and owner) is a superb cook. Atmosphere here is quiet and cosy and the staff are friendly too.

Address: 5 38650 Los Cristianos, Tenerife, Arona

Flambe Prawns with Saffron Rice at The Surrey Arms

Charlotte Cocktail Bar:

The best salads in town and perhaps the world. I kid you not. I am a bit of a salad freak, and their menu is full of amazing reinvented salad ideas. I ordered the fruit, cheese and nut salad. I know sounds strange, but it was incredible. It was a mixture of fresh fruit, garden salad, goats cheese and nuts, topped with air dried corn kernels. How they dried the corn the perfect crunch, without it popping is beyond me – but it worked. Also located a long the water, this cafe/restaurant/cocktail bar is very modern and reminded me a lot of back home in Sydney.


Restaurante Thai Botánico:

Okay this one isn’t exactly in Los Cristianos. It’s located in Los Americas and is in the pricey part of town. If you’re looking for something a little upmarket and really love your Thai food, this is definitely the right place for you. The food is very fresh and delightfully authentic. The restaurant itself is located on a rooftop above a large open air shopping complex and is surrounded by a wide variety of other high end style restaurant, clubs and bars. This restaurant & surrounded are is definitely not lacking atmosphere, that’s for sure.


Beautifully designed streets of Restaurants every where you look.
Beautifully designed streets of Restaurants every where you look.

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