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Time for Tea? My Fave Latte Cafes in Sydney

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Cafes today are brewing up some amazing lattes, all inspired from a good old cup of tea.

And seeing as we are now smack bang in the middle of winter here in Sydney. I thought I would share with you, some of my favourite cafes in Sydney right now, who are serving up some delicious lattes, inspired from herbal teas and flavours. These delicious lattes are sure to warm up your soul on a cold winter’s day. Lucky for us; here in Australia, the sun keeps on shining through winter. So, it’s easy to hit the streets of Sydney to enjoy your favourite brew with friends and family.

Here are my favourite four in Sydney right now:

The Shack:

Masala Latte: This is a divine mixture of spices; similiar to that of Chai, but with a little extra spice. So if you like Chai, then you’re going to love Misala. Order it with Macadamia Milk and some extra cinnamon and honey and you won’t be able to stop at one – trust me.

Address: 415 King Street, Newtown

masala latte
Sugar and spice and all things nice – yummy Masala Latte at The Shack, Newtown.

T Totaler:

Matcha Latte: Matcha in general is an acquired taste and not liked by many. In-fact I remember exactly how my first one tasted. Not that good. It had nothing to do with the cafe, I just wasn’t used to the taste sensations going on in my mouth. However, it didn’t take long for me to begin liking it. And I think T Totaler does it best when it comes to Matcha Lattes.

Address: The Galeries, Ground Floor, 26A, 500 George Street, Sydney CBD

Flour Drum:

Chai Latte: If you’re not a fan of all those fancy lattes, available in a world of different colours, then you definitely need to go to Flour Drum, for a simple understated and yummy Chai. They serve up a delicious Chai Latte made with Almond Milk and a dollop of honey. It’s delicious.

Address: 531 King Street, Newtown

chai latte
The delicious Chai Latte served up with cute antique teacups, spoons and teapot, at Flour Drum, Newtown.

The Copper Mill:

Tumeric Latte: Alright all you Tumeric fans out there, here you will find one of the best Sydney cafe’s serving up a warming Tumeric Latte. You can order it with Almond Milk, and a lot of cafes are serving up Tumeric Latte with coconut milk, but I prefer having it with soy milk. The Tumeric powder is pretty curry like, so mixing it with either coconut or almond milk tastes too much like drinking curry straight from the pot.

Address: 338-356 Mitchell Road, Alexandria

Now, I heard a rumour that the trendy vegan cafe Mylk from Melbourne will be heading to Sydney sometime this year, and possibly setting up shop in Surry Hills. And their speciality is a crazy blue algae latte, and I can not wait to try it.

Also, if you are heading north out of Sydney, there is a cafe called Rukus in Newport who have mastered the art of a charcoal latte. I’m yet to head up there myself to try it – but I can’t wait.

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