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My Arabian Adventure through Jordan

I travelled from the Red Sea, across the Gulf of Aqaba and into Jordan to explore the ancient city of Petra.

If you have never heard of Petra, then no offense, but you have been living under a rock. This place is seriously incredible and super amazing to experience for yourself. Ever since I was nine years old, when I watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, I’ve always wanted to visit the ancient Roman city of Petra in Jordan.

Forgotten through time and hidden in history, Petra remained unknown to the Western world until around 1812, when it was introduced to a Swiss Explorer Joann Ludwig Burckhardt. It’s been estimated the ancient city of Petra was built by the Romans as early as 312BC, and was the capital city of the Roman Arabia.

Hidden deep in those mountains, is the Ancient Roman City of Petra.

I’ve actually never been to Rome, but spending a whole day wandering though the incredible natural rock formations of the Jordanian mountains and exploring this amazing ancient Roman city, makes me want to buy a ticket right away. But what makes Petra way more unique and completely different to anything in Italy, is that this entire ancient Roman city, consisting of temples, bath houses, market places, ancient city walks, houses and amphitheatres has been hidden from the world’s eyes for centuries.

True to the nature of ancient Roman construction, the entire ancient city has been built to perfection and I can’t believe how well preserved it is today. Possible due to the radical shift in our climate over many centuries, with little no rain falling over the Petra region for many years, from the stone paths to the temples carved right into the mountain, it’s no wonder Petra has become a symbol of Jordan. As well as being Jordan’s most visited tourist attraction.

My tired eyes, having been up since 3am to make the trek from Egypt to Jordan.


The ancient rock pathways on route to Petra


The Ancient Petra Temple used in Indian Jones.
Roman Ruins of Petra

I’d also like to shout out to all the Jordanian people, who are super hospitable, warm and friendly and a lot of fun to hang around. Thanks for letting me visit your amazing country.

Security 🙂



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