the beauty products I am using in self-isolation

My Beauty Routine in Self-Isolation

Here’s how I have been managing my beauty routine whilst in self-isolation.

I have such a ridiculous amount of beauty products right now. Most of which I have tried and then written about for Bondi Beauty (the publication I write for). Others are products which were given at an event (pre-COVID-19) and I haven’t had a chance yet to trial them out.

But there have also been a selection of products I kept to the side, because I loved them that much and I wanted to save them. I know I know, it sounds ridiculous, but most of these products are on the pricier side of the market, and so after trialling them, I keep them aside for those days when I really want to saviour and enjoy them.

And how ridiculous is that? Why do we save all the good stuff and put aside for a rainy day. Especially when we could be enjoying them now. And why does it take a crisis like this Coronavirus for us to start enjoying these wonderful things?

The mind boggles.

the beauty products I am using in self-isolation

So yes, I am using this COVID-19 crisis as an excuse to dust of the luxury beauty items and start treating my skin to what it deserves. A healthy dose of delicious ingredients which will no doubt make my skin feel amazing.

Of course most of the products I do use and write about do just that. Though there is something to be said for luxurious beauty products, as you truly can feel the difference when using them.

I’m not sure whether it’s a mental thing or not, where the idea of using a luxury beauty product makes you feel high end and more luxurious, but my skin definitely thanks me for it also.

Here are the products I have been enjoying whilst in self-isolation:

  • UpCircle Body Scrub – Coffee & Peppermint
  • Formula 10.0.6 Seriously Shine-Free Mattifying Oil-Free Moisturiser
  • La Mav Marula Face Cleansing Oil
  • Raww Superfood Beauty Smooth-ME Fine Line Serum
  • Enbacci Age Revitalising Face Defence Mask
  • Edible Beauty Snowflower Illuminating Face Oil
  • Edible Beauty Soothing Nectar Hydrating Gel
  • Indie Lee Clearing Mask
  • Wild Berry Honey Cleanse Exfoliant Mask
the beauty products I am using in self-isolation

I won’t blab too much about the products themselves, but I will chat about the order in which I use them and the benefits I have received from using them.

My AM and PM routine:

  1. I start with the La Mav Cleansing Oil which is fabulous for removing dirt and grime from the pores. Even if you are self-isolating at home, you would be amazed at what dirt still get strapped in the pores whilst at home.
  2. I then alternate between masks from the Indie Lee Cleansing Mask which cleanses and detoxes skin, the Wild Berry Honey Cleanse Exfoliant which nourishes and removed dead skin cells, to the next level Apple Stem Cell technology face mask by Enbacci which is age-defying and hydrating.
  3. I follow this with 4 key products which keep my skin well protected and hydrated throughout the day and night.
  4. They are, the Raww Superfood Beauty Smooth-Me Fine Line Serum, the Edible Beauty Soothing Nectar Hydrating Gel, The Edible Beauty Snowflower Illuminating Face Oil, before finishing off with the Formula 10.0.6 Seriously Shine-Free Mattifying Oil-Free Moisturiser with Guarana & Vitamin B3.
  5. For my body, I have been re-energising the skin with the UpCircle Body Scrub made from coffee and infused with Peppermint Oil – which is delicious on the skin.
the beauty products I am using in self-isolation
the beauty products I have been using in self-isolation

Since being in self-isolation my skin has been pretty good and I can’t complain too much. Though, I’ll admit, a lot of that may come down to the amount of water I have been drinking at home and of course, hardly wearing any makeup at all. What a difference those two make in my skin.

Although I do drink a lot of water daily, on days where I find I am out and about and running around a lot, the amount I drink does lesson, as the coffee intake increases, dehydrating my more.

So being at home, no matter the amount of coffee I may end up drinking (which is generally only two cups a day anyways), I am drinking far more water than normal and feeling great for it.

Will I continue this after the self-isolation person is over. I hope so.

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