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5 Crazy Wellness Fads for 2020

These are the crazy wellness and health fads you’ll be seeing for 2020

From drinking a litre of celery juice in the morning for breakfast, to putting healing crystals in your water bottles, 2019 saw a plethora or weird and whacky wellness and health trends, and it looks 2020 isn’t going to disappoint either.

Here are five crazy wellness and health fads, coming to an Insta story near you.


You’ve heard of silent mediation, well now there’s screaming meditation. Therapeutic screaming was massive in the 1970s and it looks like it’s making a comeback for 2020.

The idea is, you stand in a quiet place, whether that be a room or outdoors somewhere, open your mouth and just let it all out until you burst a blood vessel in your eyeball from screaming so hard.

This form of release is supposed to help you destress and unwind from any anxiety.

Salad Squatting:

Gone are the days of exercising first and then eating later. Or is it the other way around. I can’t keep up. Now you can eat whilst you exercise, to save time and to improve energy flow throughout the body.

Simply pick up a bowl of salad, do one set of five shallow squats whilst eating and you’re done. The act of eating the salad whilst exercising apparently boosts SSE (Salad Specific Energy – yes that’s a thing) through the body.

Results are shown to make you feel at least 1.65 times better with energy levels than before.

Earthing Mats:

Earthing is the process of kicking off your shoes and walking barefoot on the earth, like grass, dirt of even in natural water like a spring. Not man-made concrete.

Thanks to a lot of earthing entrepreneurs (yes that’s what they are calling themselves), you can now buy charged up energy mats for earthing, when you can’t get access to any natural ground.

You roll the mat out and stand on it – earthing achieved.

Genetic Testing:

Why wait for when you hit your sixties to find out what damage you created in your body from your partying twenties, when you can now test your genetics for any illnesses or sicknesses you already have a predisposition for.

This wellness trend started in 2019 and now it seems to have gained even more momentum for 2020 as a way of early detection for any possible sicknesses you may get as you get older to help you fight them now.

I actually don’t think this wellness trends is to crazy, in-fact for many its a great way of changing your health earlier on life to help you life longer. And let’s face it, we all want that.

Virtual Fitness:

No time for the gym? Or perhaps you have no money to sign up for one. Well now you can just log on through apps to virtual gyms and work out with bots for free. Mostly, depending on the app.

Definitely created for shy people, as a way of still exercising and not having to communicate with anyone doing so, the idea of working out virtually is not as crazy as it sounds.

But you don’t need an app to do it. You can simply download a fitness video from YouTube, where no registration is required, and definitely no hidden costs.

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