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Historic Sydney: Exploring Coal Loader in North Sydney

Last week it was Greg’s Birthday, so to celebrate we opted for a historical tour through the old coal loader sustainable site in North Sydney.

Located on the Waverton waterfront, Coal Loader is a place to relax, feel inspired, learn about Sydney’s coal history and even grab a coffee and some lunch.

It was once the coal industry hub where all the ship transporting coal would dock and unload the coal, where it would be thrown down a chute into a coal mining trolley or minecart, which was sitting on tracks (similar to that of a train track) where it could be easily transported and loaded onto trucks.

th old wharf at coal loader sydney
The Old Wharf where the Coal Ships used to dock.

Click here for more details on the history of the site.

Now the ex-industrial coal bunkering site on Sydney Harbour is the site and platform of sustainability programs and a location where people can visit to be inspired to make change for sustainability in their lives, transforming a once industrial area into a community garden surrounded by native bush, food gardens, regenerated parklands all with a fascinating history.

It was a fascinating place to visit on the weekend and highly recommend anyone looking for something different to experience in Sydney, to make some time to go and visit this historic location.

The food at the cafe is a little pricey, which is typical for the northern suburb area. But, if you aren’t dining out every other day of the week, then it’s worth the treat, as the food is good and pretty good value (big serves) and the coffee is great too.

After finishing off lunch – excited to start exploring the site.

If you make the time, one of the old tunnels used to transport the coal has been opened up, so you can walk through. It;s long, dark and smells pretty bad. Though they do have lights to help guide the way, the concrete is not in the best state, so if you go after it’s been raining (like we did) there is water everywhere, so I wouldn’t wear thongs.

Made it to the other side of the tunnel.

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