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Easter Egg Decorating Without Ink

I have found four beautiful new ways to decorate your Easter eggs without using any ink.

I’ve been dipping my eggs into food dye for as long as I can remember, so far back, I even remember the good old days, when we used to soak red onion skins in hot water before dipping stocking wrapped eggs into the coloured water for the best tie die looks for Easter.

Gone are the days of dye dipping your eggs, there are so many other great ways to decorate your eggs, and the best part, it’s not that complicated either.

How adorable are these cactus inspired Easter eggs. Head off to your nearest craft store or garden store for some mini ceramic pots and some small pebbles. I find mixing the pebbles with glue in a bowl first and then placing into the pot to set is vital to keeping the egg in place. Before the glue is set though, remember to make a small ditch like space where the egg will sit. Then simply paint the egg in green, use a market to create the spikes and top with a cute little fake flower for effect. Use craft glue or hot glue to seal the egg to the pebbles and viola, cactus egg decorations.

easter egg name tags

Are you hosting Easter at your place this year? This is the cutest idea for placing name tags on tables for your Easter guests. I know at first glance it looks like you need to have a clever hand at calligraphy, but in fact, these are stickers. Use boiled eggs and once the eggs have cooled, simply use the calligraphy stickers (which can be found at Spotlight) and stick people’s names or use letters to create their names on the eggs. And the best part, at the end of the event, they can eat the egg. Yummy.

Prefer the minimalist look. Easy. Simply boil some eggs, grab some whiteout or a white paint already in a tube for easy application and start decorating. Keep it simple with dots and squiggles or get fancy and explore you inner creative goddess by drawing works of art on the eggs. You can also use this concept to write people’s names on the eggs for an alternative look to name tags at a table. But, I like this look in a stunning white bowl to showcase the simplicity of this design.

Okay, so this design requires a little more details and attention. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give a try. Even though the design does look difficult, the concept is fairly simple. I highly recommend you head over to Dream a Little Bigger, a website full of inspiration lifestyle, art and other great hacks. Click here for the full tutorial on how to create these fabulous galaxy eggs.

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