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DIY Easter Wreath – How to Make One

I made an easy DIY Easter Wreath and I’m going to show you how you can make yours. Plus this one is for sale.

I love making wreaths for all sorts of occasions, and I have made so many as gifts for friends and family and also for myself. Not sure why, but I find the whole concept rather therapeutic.

Of course, for most the while process seems most likely to time consuming. However, when I sitting down and relaxing watching my favourite shows on television, enjoying content from my fave Youtubers online, there’s nothing I love doing more than creating something whilst watching television. I can’t stand just sitting there watching TV doing nothing.

My late mother was the same. She was always sewing, knitting, or making something whenever we were watching television, or had rented a movie. Perhaps it comes under the category of ADHD, OR ADH, or whatever clinical title some doctors want to put it under. Perhaps it’s not an issue at all, and it is something less complex and more simple. Like the need to create and be creative.

Though I am okay at sewing, I favour more crafty things, like making lip balms, candles, gift cards, tea, wreaths and once used to do a lot of scrapbooking and other crafty things as well.

With that being said, I sat down whilst watching my fave ghost hunting shows one You Tube (I have a few, so I won’t bother mention – but comment if you want to know the ones I watch), I decided to make a cute little Easter Wreath and then also decided to sell it on my new Etsy shop: RW Designs Australia.

You’ll have to excuse the old red towel used for this project, as seen in the pictures below. As I use a lot of hot glue and other messy items for my creation designs, I need to use old towels to protect tables and floor, whatever surface I decide to work on really.

Rather than telling you want you will need, as it really is up to your imagination and what you wish to create. I will start by telling you, start with a basic wreath – one made of either foam, twigs, anything really that you love and wish to work with. A lot of foam wreaths will be painted in colour, like a brown or green and then covered with fake moss, which can look really great. Like I said, it is up to the imagination.

Plain wreaths can be purchase from your local fabric and craft shops. Here is Australia, we have Lincraft and Spotlight.

For inspiration on how to decorate and what you think you would like to create, check out Pinterest for some ways in which you can create a seasonal and occasional wreath. That’s what I do. Sometimes if I find three different designs I like, I will then combine them all together, to create my own vision.

Once you have the design you want, you are going to want to go purchase everything you need to create the wreath.

I did a mixture of shopping on eBay and then went to Spotlight and Lincraft. This is because there were a few specialised products I wanted for the wreath, that I couldn’t get over the counter, and needed to access from eBay. Cause you know, you can literally buy anything from eBay really.

Once you have everything you need, then you need to look at the application tools required for the wreath making. I do recommend hot glue, as it dried fairly fast and allows you to squeeze things into small places with ease and then locks the item in place as it dries so fast. But you can use cable ties for other things, if they are heavy than normal. Cable ties are a great way to attach bulky items to the wreath and then you can over it with ribbon, so one sees it.

Now you are ready to start making the wreath.

Depending how well you trust your own creative instincts, you can either set up where everything is going to go before attaching, or just go with the flow and pop things where you think they work. Depending on the item you are attaching, if they are delicate you won’t be able to move it once it is applied. However, if the item is strong enough and you are not happy where you have placed it, then you can easily remove the hot glue, before it entirely sets.

I normally apply all the large bulky items first. So for this wreath, I stuck on all the big flowers first, so I could then work around then and place the smaller things. This included the ribbon as well at the bottom.

Depending what look you are going for, if you also want to wrap ribbon around the whole wreath, then do this before you stick anything on. The same goes for using little wire lights as well, if you want to make your wreath sparkle. Wrap the lights first and then the ribbon, so you can then cover any attachments you use with decorations once done.

For this wreath, I only had ribbon at the bottom and one at the top for hanging, and no lights.

There is no right or wrong way on where to set your items onto the wreath. I only recommend, as mentioned above, that you start by applying the larger items first, so you can then work the smaller ones in between.

For example, with this wreath, I started with the ribbon before moving on to the large flowers. then I looked a the ester eggs, before moving onto the smaller flowers, and then finished with the application of the smaller dried flowers, which are delicate. By applying the artificial flowers first I was able to then see where best to apply the real dried flowers, without damaging them if they are get squashed with other items.

I didn’t photograph this part, but once I had finished, I felt that the wreath needed some softening with some green foliage. So, I quick trip to my local Kmart store and I was able to find one stem of an artificial green leaf, which I was able to cut up with some pliers and use as the final step in finalising my wrath.

Foliage is also a great way to cover any mistakes, glue, cable ties, or anything else really you wish to hide. I use it to hide the sides in the centre of the wreath and the outer part of the wreath also, so you couldn’t see where I attached anything. Not only did it add a little bit of colour to the wreath, it also soften it, making it very Easter themed indeed.

This is the first easter wreath I have ever made, and Must say, I am pretty chuffed with the final result and excited to one selling it on my new Etsy store. If you wish to purchase, you can click HERE.

Otherwise, why not try making your own. I’d love to hear about your wreaths and how you made them. Make sure to send me a message if you do decide to make one – photos too please.

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