Celebrating Halloween in New York City

Halloween in New York is an unforgettable experience.

I know Halloween has been and gone and is a good nine months away. But, I had such an amazing time in New York for Halloween, so I just had to share my experience with you. So if you are planning a trip to the NYC at the end of year, I definitely recommend you stay for Halloween.

We planned our Canadian and American Holiday pretty well (blog on Canada coming soon), and arrived into New York City on the 30th October, one day out of Halloween.

This is something I have always dreamed about (one of many of course), to celebrate Halloween in America.

Being of Irish heritage, Halloween has always been a special day for me. And although my family don’t really celebrate it (I am the first to start the tradition in the family), I have a very strong connection with my Irish heritage and have loved Halloween since I was a child.

So, it was a must that we timed out holiday itinerary perfectly, to make sure we arrived into New York, just in time for Halloween.

Of course, I realise the tradition of Halloween comes from Ireland, not America. However, the traditions of Halloween we have come to love and enjoy today are an American invention. And I just knew it would be a spectacular sight to be in America for Halloween.

If you have ever thought of celebrating any form of holiday tradition like: Easter, St Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Christmas or even New Year’s, New York City is definitely the place you want to be.

Here are my favourite 4 things to do in New York for Halloween. Just make sure you have plenty of camera memory.

Trick or Treat:

Head to Greenwich Village and take a wander. Many streets here close off the road to cars so kids can dart from house to house and collect candy in safety. And the decorations are spectacular. Some streets have been entirely transformed into a frightful village and it’s amazing, with many sightseers out and about checking out the incredible costumes and street decorations.

Halloween Parade:

Every year, New York put on a spectacular Halloween parade, and anyone can march along (provided you are dressed for the occasion of course). The times and locations do sometimes change for when and there the parade will be starting, heading and finishing, so make sure you check for details a few days before the parade to ensure you find yourself the best seat in the house to watch.

Jack O’Lanterns:

Want to see more than 7,000 spookalicious carved pumpkins, all lit up and gleaming horrid smiles at you? Head to The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze. Dates do move around for this festival and the display is sometimes finished before Halloween starts (disappointing), so make sure you definitely check dates on the event, or you might miss out.

Dressed up Dogs:

New York are internationally known for their Halloween Dog festivals. The best place to see this, is at The Tompkins Square Dog Run Park. Here you can grab a seat and admire hundreds of dogs running around free or leashed, playing and interacting with other dogs, all whilst dressed in some of the cutest outfits I did ever see. This was the highlight of my Halloween experience in New York.

Of course, for those of you who prefer to party the night away on Halloween, there are plenty of nightclubs playing host to some unreal Halloween parties. And for those who really like to get the blood pumping, I’ve been told New York hosts some super spooky Ghost Tours in some old mansions, filled with gruesome stories of the past. I’ll add that to the list if I ever get back there.


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