how to get started with your creative journey

How to Start Your Creative Journey

Six simple steps to help you start your creative journey to success.

Whether you are wanting to establish yourself with a creative business, or challenge yourself creatively for a hobby, your ideas matter and these easy steps can help you start your creative journey.

Creativity is an expression of yourself, it displays what you care about and what you want to share with the world (or perhaps just with yourself), so it’s important to have confidence in your creativity and know that whatever you create is good – even if you do leave a little room for improvement.

I find the best way to work on creative projects is to set myself a few boundaries to start. Where do I want to go with the project, what do I want from the project and how should it best be displayed.

This goes for both online content and personal creative projects I am working on at home.

To help you get started on your creative project, check out the following six tips:

Take the pressure of yourself:

People connect through honesty and vulnerability. And the more perfect you try to be, the less honest you will be to others. Accept the imperfections as part of you and work out how that can help you be creative through transparency. Give yourself permission to learn and experiment. It’s okay to make mistakes. Lighten and have fun with it.

Being transparent and honest doesn’t mean you have to put all your personal parts out there (and I mean emotionally not physically), it just means that if you wish to create an legit relationship with your audience, they need to see you for who you are at times. Yes, through the good and the bad times too.

Shift your expectations:

Your version of good to someone else may seem great. So don’t just look at your good content and think it’s bad. Good will always lead to better naturally. But to someone looking in who can’t do your version of good, your content will seem great. We are our worst critics, there’s a reason this saying exists, because it’s true. So shift your self expectations and appreciate what you create.

Remember that the fear of holding you back may also be the cause of your own un-happiness. So think about why that fear is there and work out how to get rid of it. It could be doing some meditation, or taking a course with a life coach who can help you get through those fears.

Facing your fears:

Speaking of fear. Fear will always keep you from doing your best. What is it you are actually fearful of? Maybe write down a scenario you are afraid of of happening when you put your creative content out there for the world to see. Now, work out a way of how you can deal with that scenario. At least if it happens, you’ll be better prepared for it. Most of what we worry about never really happens.

I like to sit down with my fear and make note through a meditative conversation (yes I know that sounds strange) on why the fear is there and for what reason. Was it because someone said something to me that I didn’t like, or perhaps my self esteem is feeling a little low that day. Talk to the fear and remind it you don’t have time to deal with false fears when it comes to you achieving you creative goals.

Get started:

There’s no time like the present. The more you let fear drive your decisions, the less likely you are to proceed with your creative project. Break through this resistance and just do it. Try setting a small amount of time per day, even ten minutes, to start your creative project. If you do this, in seven days, you would have committed at least seventy minutes to the project.

I have been very lucky throughout my creative journey to have the support of family and friends who have helped me achieve where I want to be and how to get there. Though I still have a long way to go with my creative goals, and I have still faced many challenges to reach them, there’s no sense in just sitting there and not doing anything. Work out a way to make it work and it will work.

Set deadlines:

Set yourself some daily time limits and deadlines for content you are working on. For example, I always keep two diaries. One for everyday and one for my creative work. That way I can keep track of everything I am doing with respect to creative work and mark it off as a I go. This helps you reach your goal faster as you are working through a list which will guide you to achieving your creative dream.

Remember deadlines can be changes, because of course, life can happen sometimes; both personally and elsewhere, so don’t be too strict on the deadlines, but do set them to help you get closer to finishing off your creative goals. Though, creative goals and achievements are never ending, so I have goals set for the end of nearly every week in my diary, depending on what new projects I am working on.

Connect with your purpose:

Some creatives don’t realise what the purpose is of their creative projects until they are either half way through or near the end (if the project has a completion dat that is). For some project they are never ending, such as writing or video or some form of art. You might start out with something in mind at the beginning, but as you start creating and the weeks go on, you realise your content is going in another direction.

This is okay, as your creative content or project is essentially growing with you. The key thing here is too develop a great audience who will appreciate that growth and grow with you as you discover your journey. Famous

YouTuber Zoella (Zoe Sugg) once shared in an interview that she started out as just wanted to vlog and blog about journey. However, as her journey continued she found herself baking, spending time with friends and family and bringing her camera with her to film everything she was doing daily.

This lead her to becoming a high respected lifestyle blogger and vlogger, where she delivers content on how she lives her life. Which is fairly healthy, fun, alcohol free and passionate about baking, creating and other general lifestyle biz. though she still touches on beauty, her whole signature has changed from being a beauty blogger to a business owner and lifestyle guide for so Mena young women globally.

Remember, the main objective here with your creative project is to be honest with yourself first. That honest will then transpire through your work to the audience. That’s where your true success is.

I am a freelance writer and content creator who designs website and manages social media. I also write travel and beauty for, and a weekly beauty column for whilst managing my own personal travel and lifestyle blog at

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