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Easy Flow Yoga Guide for the Beginner

Start your yoga journey with these easy to follow at-home flow yoga guide.

Flow is the practice of mindful yoga with mediation and breathing. But don’t let the whole mediation thing turn you off a good flow yoga session.

Mediation comes in all forms, from your thirty minute sit down style, to your focus your breathing style. However, mediation can also be practiced through the use of holding certain yoga poses and breathing through the tension and stress.

If you have thirty minutes in the morning or the evening, following this easy yoga flow guide for the perfect guide to beginners yoga (or advanced) to help you mediate better.

Hero’s Pose

This pose is designed to help you centre your breathing and create space in the hips and chest. Begin your sequence with this pose and stay for as long as possible. Come into a kneeling position with palms together at your heart, or resting lighting on your legs. Close your eyes and feel the rhythm of your breath as you take at least four deep slow breaths in and out.

Child’s Pose

Transition from Hero’s Pose straight into Child’s Pose by taking the hands out in front of you on the ground and stretching out as far as possible (don’t strain though). Rest your head where comfortable and take at least five to ten breaths here to stretch the legs, hips and chest.

Camel, Prayer Pose

On your last exhalation, take a deep breath in and raise to your knees lifting your arms into a V above your head. Then, depending on your flexibility, you can either email hereto saluting your arms to the sun for five breaths, or slowly start to bend backwards to stretch out the lumber and neck, reaching your arms behind you for a full camel salute.

Downward Facing Dog Pose

After holding your Salute or Camel Pose for as long as possible, try five breaths if you can, you then want to move into a Downward Facing Dog. This is a great pose for restoration and blood flow throughout the body.

To transition into this pose, simply fold back into Child’s Pose with your arms stretched out just past hip width then with your knees still bent, lift you legs so your calves are parallel to the ground.

Breath here for one big breath and as you breath out, straighten the legs and pull in your stomach muscles, making sure not to lock out your arms, keep them as soft as possible and relax the shoulders by dropping the head.

Try and hold Downward Facing Dog for at least five breaths. If you have time, repeat by reversing your steps back into the first position of Hero’s Pose and repeat as much as you like to create your easy flow routine for yoga.


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