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Dining Out at Leura’s First Cafe

Opened in the 1920’s, Cafe Landeers is a cosy little place to eat in Leura where the food is tasty and the coffee is hot.

Landeers was Leura’s first cafe and has retained much of the original design, furnishings and vibe of when it was first opened in the 1920’s. It has been renovated in some part, to upgrade it into the 21st century, however the ambient feel within still retains an old mountain town attitude of country meets city.

Although the food presentation is not exactly Insta worthy (which is why I haven’t any pics of what we ate), it tasted great and was freshly made with local ingredients.

I consider myself a bit of a coffee connoissuer too (aka: super fussy when it comes to the taste of my frothy caps) and this cafe nailed it. Especially as I drink soy and a lot of cafes just don’t seem to get the temp right when it comes to frothing soy. If it weren’t for the two coffees I had already knocked back a few hours early, I would have ordered a second one for sure.

The menu is small, but I actually prefer small menus. It’s a pet hate of mine to open up a book of 10 pages, filled with WAY too many menu items, which I feel can impact on the quality of the food. Landeers selection is large enough and small enough where you can make a decision on what to eat in under 5 minutes – winning.

They also have plenty of gluten-free and vegetarian options too.

It was a cold, but sunny spring day when we came to Landeers. Spending the day exploring the Blue Mountains for my birthday, and this cafe was perfect. Not suited for large numbers, the table settings are intimate, the service is friendly and the ambience reminds me of a small country town; but with 1920’s retro fitted city style furnishes.

Leura has plenty of places to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but on a cold day I always look for a cafe which is intimate, friendly, cosy, comfortable and of course serves good coffee. Landeers was the perfect pick.

If you happen to be taking a drive through the Blue Mountains, make a quick pit stop at Leura and pop into Landeers.

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