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Visiting the Japanese Gardens at Auburn’s Botanical Gardens

Who would have thought these amazing Japanese gardens were hiding in the middle of Auburn.

If you haven’t heard, seen or been to the beautiful Japanese gardens of Auburn, this is one treat you should definitely take some time out to go explore with friends and family; or alone.

Continuing on from my theme of free things to do around Sydney, this is one of those free experiences this wonderful city has to offer. This will be last blog of my Free Things To Do Around Sydney; for now.

Every Spring the Auburn Gardens hold a Cherry Blossom festival in late August, to celebrate the bloom of their stunning blossom trees throughout the Japanese gardens. Unfortunately I missed the opportunity to see the trees in full bloom, but I did go a few years back and believe me, its a spectacular site to see for sure.

But, seeing as we are now in Spring, it’s still worth your while to go visit the gardens, as they have many other great plants which are now starting to bloom; like their sunken rose garden which has just started budding and are sure to insight the senses with their aroma once they’re out in full bloom.

If you can go on a weekday, the gardens are free. However, if you go on the weekend there is an entry fee of $4 p/p (kids are free under six), unless you’re an Auburn resident; in which case the gardens are free.

Apart from the Japanese gardens, there is the sunken rose garden (as mentioned before), a reflection pool; where you can chill by the water and reflect. And an Australian bushlands and rainforest part of the gardens; which includes a native wildlife zoo of Kangaroos, Wallabies and a very shy Wombat.

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