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Have You Ever Been To Mount Wilson?

Mount Wilson is one of those towns of the Blue Mountains, which often gets missed by many travellers exploring the spectacular sights of rural New South Wales.

Located approximately two hours from Sydney, and around forty five minutes from Leura, Mount Wilson is an iconic part of the Blue Mountains, which transforms the native Aussie dry bushlands into a rainforest of ferns and in Spring boasts thousands and thousand of yellow daffodils, which pop up from the ground everywhere.

It’s been several years (and then some) since I visited Mount Wilson, and not much has changed at all; with respect to the landscape that is. The flowers are in bloom, there is not a car to be seen and just like I remember it as a child, there were bright yellow daffodils popping up from the ground everywhere.

Mount Wilson is one of those place you go to, where you don’t need more than a couple of hours to explore the whole place, but you do need to make sure you have plenty of memory on the camera. Especially when you visit in Autumn or Spring.

I have yet to visit the place in Autumm, but a simple google search will show you some pretty spectacular images of what it’s like then. With liquid ambers lining most of the street in Mount Wilson, the colours in Autumn would be a site to see for sure. But Spring is also a great time to visit too. There are loads of trees covered in flowers, particular blossom trees.

We visited a little too early in Spring however, so not all of the daffodils were blooming.

There are no shops, no cafes or petrol station here. So do stock up on food and fuel in another town (I recommend Leura) before you head there, or you may find yourself sleeping in the car and eating whatever berries you can find on the ground for dinner LOL.

Of course, Mount Wilson is filled with beautiful B&B’s to stay in too, so you could always pack some food and stay over night, if you’re looking to escape civilisation for a few days. There is quite literally nothing but the sound of the birds, the bees, the wind and the occasional car driving through. Simply stunning.

Mount Wilson is also known for their Turkish Bath Museum. However, due to permitting issues, this bath is not open all year around. So if you do take a visit and happen across the bath, you will need to admire it from afar.

I am keen to take a visit in Autumn next year, to see all the changing colours of the leaves.

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