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Have you heard of the Rabbit Hole Tea House in Redfern?

What a secret gem this cafe is. Funny thing is, this cafe is on a well-known street of Redfern; Abercrombie Street. And yet, it’s super easy to miss when you’re driving past. But well worth the visit, if you can make the time.

The Rabbit Hole Tea House Redfern, have taken tea to the next level, with a delicious selection of personlised teas, which you can order as a pot of tea or as a latte. Might I recommend both, I did LOL.

I couldn’t resist. There were just too many teas to choose from, so I decided to start with a latte and then finish with a loose leaf tea. And, although one is obviously made with milk (almond milk in my case) and hot water for the other. The texture, taste and design of the teas are all completely different, depending on what you order.

My bestie and I had planned to come here for a while, so even though Sydney weather at the time, was anything but pleasant, we refused to let that keep us indoors and made tracks for this beautifully designed tea house. We went on a weekday too, and because of the wild weather – there was hardly anyone there, we were literally the only ones. No one was chasing us and we spent a good three hours sitting cosy with our teas, laughing, talking and relaxing.

They do cater for vegans and vegetarians too, and of course people like me who are gluten intolerant, so plenty of food and drink choices to sate the palette. I started with the Ginger Snap Almond Milk Latte to match my gluten-free oats for brunch. This was then followed by a lose leaf tea of Turkish Delight (which I believe is a limited offer).

I am obsessed with anything ginger (never used to be), so when I first saw the menu online a few weeks back, I had been dying to hit up this tea joint to trial the Ginger Tea and it certainly delivered. If you don’t like rich ginger flavoured food or drink, I wouldn’t recommend it, it’s super gingery and just the way I like it.

But don’t let that stop you – there are plenty of other teas, like there Tiramisu Latte, which is sure to get your taste buds stirring.

Ginger Snap Latte

Turkish Delight Lose Leaf Tea

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