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My Favourite Sydney Cafe Right Now

I’ve blogged about their Masala Lattes, and now I’m going to blog about their food.

The Shack in Newtown is one of my favourite cafe’s in Sydney right now.

I mean check out the feature image of my incredible green smoothie bowl I ordered – yum!

I thought I’d better mention, this blog is not sponsored by The Shack in anyway – I just really love the food, people and atmosphere there, so wanted to share that with you all.

For those who know me really well, I love my brunch mornings, so dining out during the day, at some of the best cafes Sydney has to offer is one of my favourite things to do.

Being allergic to many foods and having specific dietary requirements, means I often prefer to cook my own dinners, rather than trying to find the right restaurant in Sydney, that will cater for what I need. But brunch, is a whole different story. Especially in Sydney.

Brunch at The Shack does a brilliant job catering for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free and so many other peeps like myself with special dietary requirements. I absolutely love it.

The staff are always friendly and are super helpful when you can’t decide on what you want. They are always full of helpful tips to help you change any meal too, in case you want some changes – they are always happy to accommodate.

Now, they do have a few different locations around Sydney, but Newtown was their first and is definitely my fave spot. I mean, it’s Newtown. One of the best people watching locations in Sydney, where a WIDE variety of different personalities wander past on a regular basis.

So, if you’re looking for a good place to eat, in a trendy and hip area – definitely check out The Shack – you won’t be disappointed.

This image is c/ The Shack. I did take a photo of the beautiful Chicken Kebabs and Couscous salad I ordered, however as it was a very overcast day, the lighting was terrible and I hated the photo I took. So, I have borrowed one from The Shack to give you an idea of what the food is like. I did take the photo of my yummy green smoothie bowl though – which was taken on a different day I went.

The Shack Newtown, 415 King Street.

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